Decoding the Wedding Gift Registry—2019s biggest wedding trend

wedding registry

Wedding registry is the hottest new trend when it comes to the big fat Indian wedding. What was already a norm in the West has now become the new buzzword in India and Bollywood celebrities like Deepika and Priyanka have done one for their wedding.

But for those who’ve been living under a rock, or are still unfamiliar with the concept, here’s everything you need to know about the wedding gift registry!

What is a wedding registry?

It’s a concept that is revolutionizing wedding gifting in India.  A wedding gift registry is a way for the couples to create a list of gifts they would like to receive on their wedding, things that will actually become a part of their new life instead of being kept in a cupboard or re-gifted.

Once completed, The couple can share their registry URL with their guests, integrated with a beautiful wedding website. This helps guests know exactly what the couple wants and they can buy or contribute towards any gift of their choice.

Online platforms like manage all the logistics and deliver the gift to the couple when and where they want, so neither the couple nor the guest has to worry about carrying around the gift boxes.

wedding registry

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The choice is endless!

Couples can add just about any gift they like to their registry, be it home appliances, gadgets, holidays, charities, gift cards or even just plain and simple cash! They can go to any online store in India (literally ANY!), choose the products they like and add them to their registry, making it pretty much like a lifetime of Christmases in one go.

  • Experiences:

As millennials move away from things and towards experiences, this is a great choice for couples. They can add holidays, spa vouchers, adventures or just about any experience they like. Guests can contribute an amount of their choice towards it.

  • Gifts

For those setting up a new home this is a great idea—gadgets, appliances, décor, silver or anything else your new home needs can be gifted to you by your guests.

  • Charity

Have everything you need already? Well, that might leave your guests stumped about what to get you. So make a difference to the world and start your new life with plenty of blessings by adding charities your registry.

  • Cash

Looking to put a deposit on a new car or a new home. Keep it simple and add cash to your registry so it can be a little extra help towards your life plans.

Gift management becomes a breeze!

A wedding registry helps manage, track and deliver gifts as per your convenience. So your guests don’t have to lug around a box on your wedding, you don’t need to worry about the safe-keeping of gifts or gift tags and you can ask for the gifts to be delivered to your new home whenever you’re settled in. And the best part? It’s all free.

Sharing etiquettes

Sometimes, couples may feel awkward sharing their wedding registry with guests. But that’s only because they aren’t doing it right! The best way to go about sharing is to start by informing your close friends and family about it, so if anyone asks them for gift suggestions, they can just direct the guest to your registry.

wedding registry

Another excellent way of sharing your registry is to create a free wedding website, complete with your story, gallery, function details and RSVP and integrating your registry with it. This helps guests get all the information in one go. And you can always just print the registry link on your printed cards for the guests’ convenience.

So go on and create a free wedding gift registry at, and make it easier for both you and your guests!

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  1. Must say Wedding Registry is a wonderful concept..thanks for letting me know about cousin is about to get married..this will be very helpful

  2. This is not only easy it’s also extremely logical way of making sure that our gifts are actually are going to be used by the newly marrieds!

  3. Wedding registry sounds interesting and is an amazing concept. It is better to get gifts which are useful for the couple rather than keeping it in the cupboard.

  4. This is very interesting. I was not aware this trend is catching on in India too. It certainly makes the gifting culture in India more manageable and easier to deal with.

  5. Gift registry is indeed a new but great concept for me! Couples can now add things they need to the registry and can donate for charity… That is really amazing!

  6. I absolutely loved reading this. Especially where you talk about registry etiquette. I recently did my k8ds’ birthday and I did not create a registry for the simple fear of how do I even hand the wishlist to guests. It’s a lot better after reading ur post!

  7. And finally Wedding Registry comes to India with all the hype. I have always felt it’s works both ways as the couple gets what they need and want and the guest is able to pick something within their budget.

  8. I saw this on your other social media channels and straightaway headed to this post. Wedding registry seems to be a perfect way to have a perfect wedding.

  9. That’s worth trying concept for the couple to be. This way it’s easier for guests to choose their favourite gifts becomes easier

  10. Wedding gift registry is the word I didn’t hear it before…but a new thing one can worth trying…
    This is the great way to utilise gifts

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