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Bharat Billpay

Bill Pay is no more a hazard or STANDING IN QUEUE affair. Now you can pay your utility bills through Bharat BillPay services by internet banking, website banking, mobile app and through physical bank branches of banks and non-banks. But are you anxious about security and confirmation of payment?

Don’t worry this payment ecosystem has made a revolution in bill payment market using a single, safe and secured window of Banks and non-banks. This one-stop payment ecosystem is conceptualized by Reserve Bank of India and run by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Key Channels forming Bharat BillPay Ecosystem

It facilitates safe and secure payment through various digital channels. Like never before this bill payment ecosystem is user-friendly and instantly generates payment confirmation. It has 63 banks and 10 non-banking entities acting as authorized units. To reach all categories of customers it has the following easy access:-

  • Internet Banking – In most of the internet banking system of Banks you can get access to Bharat BillPay option to pay bills easily. Choose the biller and enter the customer details to pay. Instantly you get a receipt of payment with Bharat BillPay logo.
  • Website – Visit the bill payment website of banks and non-banks without signing-in and you can get access to all Billers listed in the Bharat BillPay ecosystem. Just enter the bill details and pay via your net-banking/card option as applicable
  • Mobile-Banking App/Mobile App – Through banking app or non-bank wallet/BHIM-UPI apo for easy online bill payment you can select Bharat BillPay and pay bills for more than 100+ billers on the ecosystem. Instead of visiting different biller websites and payment gateway it provides a one-time solution.
  • Agents/Bank Branches – Through physical channels like agents/Kirana Shop or Bank branches  you can pay your utility bills with support and assistance

To find out the list of channels, banks and non-bank centers for Bill Payments via you can check the website.

Bharat Billpay

Biller Categoryy

Yet I remember my childhood days when Grandpa and then Papa use to maintain a diary marking list of bills to be paid like water, electricity, gas, mobile, landline, DTH, internet and lot more. Remembering the due date, amount of each biller, making envelopes of the respective amount on the beginning of the month and last but not least, standing in trailing queue for more than hours was an excruciating pain.

Thanks to Bharat BillPay. Now managing all these payments without reaching physically or browsing different websites you can just check the list of enabled bank apps/website on  orBHIM applicationon android or IOS  and just select the biller with customer details and process payment within few minutes.

Also, you don’t need to worry about remembering the amount, the bill fetch option helps you get instant access to all your bill details in a single click.

Check out why it’s fearless banking with NPCI

Receipt Confirmation

As soon as you pay your bill using this platform you get an instant payment successful notification and also a payment receipt generated with Bharat BillPay logo. . Now, wherever you go your bills follow and you need not to chase after bills to avoid due date hazard. Not just one bill in one time, here you can pay myriad of bills from one single point of touch.

Single point of solution for Customers & Corporate House

Even if you are a corporate house, by enabling Bharat BillPay you can ensure easy payment access to all your customers. And for customers, it is the most user-friendly process

Happy Bill Payment! Happy Banking!

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