Financial planning and saving for housewives

Financial planning

Who is really responsible for finance at your home? Do you think financial matter only MATTERS to your hubby or father? Well, everyone has their perceptions and mine is simple “MONEY MATTERS” and if we share all load of our home why not financial planning.

What is actually Financial planning?

Don’t worry I do not finance graduate and nor in the mood to give bookish terminology about the same. I am a simple DOMESTIC ENGINEER (a changed version of housewife 🙂 sounds good one ) and I will share my version of financial planning.

So, according to my “financial planning means making a “BUDGET”. Now for me, the budget simply means “Telling MY money where to GO“. Well, I am a domestic engineer of my house and nobody moves out without my permission so how can I allow my money.

Money saving tips for homemakers

Education: One of the most important factor, If you are educated you will never be dependent on anyone. Get educated about new trends, investment plans and above all financial security. Education doesn’t mean only getting a degree from college, yes! It does matters but apart from this just learn your own money management.

Budget: I already said it’s your house, your family, your husband, your kids, and even your money. Set your budget as you set some rules for kids and husband(Hope you all do)…It’s time to set your budget.

Necessity Vs Desire: There is a big difference between two and that need to be understood. Kids education is a necessity and just to buy unwanted toys is your desire. Learn this yourself and teach kids too.

Comparison: Our biggest problem is today we all living in a different mindset. Checking up other Instagram posts or FB vacation albums we decide our lifestyle. STOP COMPARING your life to others. My mom used to mention “Live within your capacity“. You will be happier if you learn this in life!! Don’t buy a smart TV because Mrs. Sharma bought last week.

Financial planning

Cross Check: This will surely going to help. Always cross check the price of any product in different stores while shopping. You can see a huge difference in your bills and can save a lot and lots. In this e-commerce world easy to do that in terms of grocery to fashion trends.

Shop Wisely: It’s raining sale now everywhere from online stores to offline stores to malls. But, you need to understand what to buy and what not. As we all pay by card (even I do most of the time) but good practice is to shop with cash, you will see the change as when you will have less cash in hands you will tend to spend less.

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Outings and Vacations: We all need break and vacations but every month is something definitely going to hit hard on your pocket. Plan your vacations well in advance, so that you can book your tickets and accommodations beforehand.

Be Vigilant: Keep a track, be your own spy and check out how much when and where extra you have spent and what could you can do to save next month.

Investment/Savings: There are so many policies and investment plans in banks and mutual funds for housewives which give a great rate of interests, learn about SIP and Pension plans for housewives and start investing. This will help you in tough and happy times.

This article is not published as financial advice or any other financial legal issue. We recommend you to consult your financial planner before investing in any financial decision.

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  1. Wonderful tips, sharing these financial tips with your readers is a great feat. Truly financial planning is all about allocating desired budgets and then doing what we do the best – save every penny.

    1. Thanks for stopping and liking this post

  2. That’s a good read, my mom will actually like it. I will definitely get her to read this.

    To add, budgeting is needed for everyone, everyone is a homemaker in a way.

    1. Glad you liked …do share with your mom too…Yes!! everyone in one or other way is a homemaker!!

  3. Thank you for these great tips, I agree with you that we need to set aside budgets and then plan and save accordingly wisely.. Being a mom now its important for me to plan and save for my kids future..

  4. Very helpful article and great points for us to remember.
    i sometimes just get lazy in looking for good deals and options, and just go to the nearest/ most convenient option.
    I definitely need to work on my planning and savings especially as everything gets costlier!

  5. You’ve shared some very wise tips Ruchi, we set our budgets monthly and spend accordingly. Comparison is disaster when it comes to finances.

  6. Very useful tips and uts not only for home makers. Everyone should do proper planning for this. I also have to start planning things properly.

  7. Those are some useful tips about saving money and planning wisely, not just for housewives but everyone.

  8. Given the things getting costly day by day its important to make a budget for everything. This post will be helpful for homemakers in financial planning.

  9. This is a wonderful post Ruchi! I keep an excel sheet where I record my budget and expenditures. It is so important to keep a check on your spending.

  10. This is really some mind boggling post! I learned so many new things about money!

  11. Great tips on how plan and save financially.
    This is needed for one and all.

  12. Very practical tips! Thanks

  13. The maximum savings happen when I stop shopping.These are some great tips to have a good financial planning

  14. We must all have a proper financial planning in-order to get a sound sleep.You have provided such useful tips.Thanks

  15. Housewife are great finance department of home ,it’s in their hand to save and utilities money right way

  16. financial planning for anyone is very important. Saving up and investing properly is important for a secure future. You have mentioned some goodpoints.

  17. Some grrat tips shared here which I think will be very helpful to all women! (Married and unmarried!)

  18. Financial planning is required for all. As a “domestic engineer,” every penny matters. Saving done by the month end gives all immense happiness

  19. Ruchi you have mentioned good tips on saving money. also I feel every woman should have a knowledge on SIP’s.

  20. Excellent post and brilliant tips for saving money. I like the term domestic engineer, added a professional touch to the title.

  21. It is necessary for all of us to invest for future plans. Savings and proper investments help us in our old age.

  22. Planning your financial needs is a must and espey for a house wife. This was very informative . Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge

  23. These are some tips every family needs to follow for mindful saving and I loved the quote “Spend after saving”.

  24. I like the term domestic engineer. Women can be the best financial planners because they know the workings of their home inside out. Saving is crucial. Good tips!

  25. It is so important to keep a record of your expenditure .. Very good points you have shared..

  26. Thanks for sharing this with me, we all need to plan accordingly for our financial expenses and earning. This is such a helpful post

  27. Financial planning is really important for all of us. Seriously I’m very bad when it comes to future planning and all. All credit goes to hubby. Very useful tips Ruchie. Thanks for sharing it with all.

  28. Saving can be so hard! Doing this right now and I want to scream haha

  29. Great tips! I know so many people who get caught up in the comparison game. It’s not worth it!

  30. Definitely saving this post ! It’s different when you have a checklist of the things you can do to save money ! Thanks for sharing, very useful !
    – The handy journal-

  31. These are great tips! I need to start budgeting myself cause I definitely want to travel and spend my desires on that!

  32. Financial planning and budgeting is so important for every household. You have touched some great points with your tips. I always shop at different stores for different products, because each has cheaper sections.

  33. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing.

  34. Very helpful post. I still struggle with sticking to my budget and not spending more than I need to. Can’t wait to implement some of your tips.

  35. Great, practical advice. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Great tips for housewives but non-housewives as well. I budget a lot and take advantage of sales all the time!

  37. Definitely agree that it’s so important to be informed & self educate yourself if necessary.

  38. Well, I’m going to share with all my girl friends! Great one!

  39. I love read money hacks it helps to save your day great tips from you!

  40. Thank you for the tips. I admit, my spending can get a little bit out of hand. I really need help and a lot of practice in order to stick to my budget. Thanks for sharing!

  41. I think this is great for everyone, not just housewives

  42. It is always good to be cautious and independent financially. These are some great tips!

  43. Some great tips here, I’m a big fan of budgeting!

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