Tips when choosing wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

The wedding day is one of the most important days in anybody’s life. One looks ahead and goes back to it, no matter how young or how old.

However, as much care is taken to decide on the perfect dress, the jewelry shopping is often left for the fag end of preparations. Accessorizing can either make or break your look. The wedding is a big deal and often becomes overwhelming for one to choose their jewelry especially when so many gold jewelry designs and colors are available in the market.

Here are a few tips that you should look out for when choosing wedding jewelry:

  1. Buy the dress first:

One huge mistake that you can make is shopping for jewelry first and then buying the dress. It is comparatively easier to match jewelry with the dress than doing otherwise. Buying your wedding dress first will help you know what kind of jewelry you should be looking for. The neckline, cuts, and theme of your dress will make it easier to select the right accessories that go with it. A look where your dress and jewelry are not in sync is definitely not something you will like to pull off on your wedding day.

  1. Keep it balanced:

The key to pulling off a perfect wedding day look is to strike the right balance when it comes to choosing your jewelry. Buying more jewelry will not necessarily make you look more elegant.
In fact, there are higher chances of every piece of jewelry jumbling up together to create a mess. The task is to choose only as much jewelry as goes with your dress. If your wedding dress is fancy and embellished, go for something light which will not take away the focus from your dress. If the dress is minimalistic without much detailing, go for something bold and statement pieces to be precise. Keep in mind that, “less is more.”

  1. Be yourself:

It is important to be yourself and retain your personal style even when it comes to choosing wedding jewelry. Do not choose a piece of jewelry just because it is in fashion. Always remember that you can add your personal touch to the jewelry by customizing it.
If you are uncomfortable to adorn big, heavy jewelry, stick to lighter ones. If you are confident with what you wear, you will glow, regardless of following trendy designs.

  1. Think beyond your wedding day:

While choosing your wedding jewelry, think beyond the ceremony. Unlike your wedding dress, your jewelry will have more uses in the future. So, when you are buying, look for items that can be used for further occasions. For example, a simple diamond bracelet will not only go with any kind of wedding dress but also will be very chic and elegant when it comes to pairing it up with partywear. Invest in the pieces of jewelry you actually like so you can use them in the future.

wedding jewelry

Pulling off the perfect bridal look is hectic and requires a lot of wise decision making and choosing. Choosing the bridal dress is already very daunting and you should not let the choice of jewelry bother you any further. Instead of going for a lot of gaudy pieces, it is suggested that you choose a few statement pieces that go with any kind of look.

Which is your fav wedding jewelry which you treasure till now and wish to have at your wedding? Do let me know in comments below.

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  2. Great tips! “Be yourself” is the perfect piece of advice.

  3. Great share!! Choosing the perfect jewelry for a wedding is important as it reflects the personality of the wearer!! Thanks for sharing such helpful jewelry tips!!

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