Soy Protein Just Not Induces Weight Loss But Also Maintains Good Health


While Gen Y is prudent after weight management, the dietary regime is a major takeover.  It is not only about filling satiety but also to maintain muscle mass and other required nutrition of the body. Protein always takes up the lead role in such a phase.

As you read in my previous post how soy protein is good for kids development. Now let’s check how it is helpful in healthy weight loss.

But Soy protein has some special food value that not just supports weight loss but also enhances fitness. While agenda is weight loss you also need to be extra careful about healthy weight loss. So Soy protein is the best pick for your muscle mass and fitness strength.

Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

Any protein satisfy hunger thus helps in reducing carbohydrate and fat intake so comes as a major point while someone is trying to be on dieting process. But plant proteins like Soy Protein in healthy weight loss plays a major role. Being natural source it is devoid of lactose and cholesterol.

It is rich in amino acid hence accomplishes all protein-rich food values.  It controls hunger and also reduces significant calorie intake. It induces fat loss but enhances muscle mass thus assures to let you be on the positive side of health management.

American Family Physician has stated in a 2009 article reviewed in a medical journal thatSoybeans contain all of the essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition and have been grown and harvested for thousands of years. Populations with diets high in soy protein and low in animal protein have lower risks of prostate and breast cancers than other populations.” 

It lowers down cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins and also triglycerides. Not just growing or adult women, it is highly advisable for postmenopausal women in reducing hot flashes, maintain bone density and keep away from breast cancer.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says “consumption of soy foods is associated with a reduction in prostate cancer risk in men. This protection may be associated with the type and quantity of soy foods consumed.”


A must-take for individuals specially….

  • For beginners in health regime – The main highlight of Soya protein is healthy weight loss yet improving muscle mass and tone. For beginners, it is highly beneficial as it curbs out appetite yet maintain good health, body, and It also helps lose weight and fat by inhibiting calorie intake. 
  • Hit out extreme cross fit – For those who are kicking it up a notch and taking up cross fit, for them, soy protein helps in taking up those extra miles of the rigorous workout. While losing weight and doing extra exercise, muscle mass bones and other organs need special care otherwise the body will get weak. To keep up healthy life plant protein plays a vital role than animal protein.
  • Women in the Post-Menopause state – After menopause generally women suffer from osteoporosis or lower bone mass. Soy Protein is highly advisable for them as it helps to maintain bone and muscle mass. 
  • For Growing Children – For school children, it is also very important. As growing children get rapid growth in bone, muscles, and It also enhances brain cell development and thus good memory power.
  • For elderly person – It keeps all organs in good condition by giving right nutrition and energy. It also maintains good cardiac health. Controls cholesterol and thyroid. Curbs out the ill effect of carbohydrates and fat. 

Physicians, health experts, nutritionist and Moms across the world has accepted and got benefits by consuming Soya Protein. After many research, health journals and institutes found all positive array of the result in those who intake this special plant protein from Soya bean.

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  1. i didnt know much about soy protein and hence this post for very insightful. i liked the fact that it has so many benefits.

  2. This is very interesting. I was not aware of the benefits of soy protein in aiding weight loss. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. Soy protein is great for health and quite interestingly it helps in weight loss as well. Already included it in my diet.

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  5. So it’s winter and i am hogging. I can’t believe the amount of weight I have put on in the last 2 months. Your article has come across as a Christmas gift, hahah. I’m definitely gonna begin with soy so i can atleast lose some weight.

  6. I always make sure to add protein in my family food. ya, it is tummy filler and great for weight lose, i am on protein diet

  7. I always thought that milk products are the best way to give protiens to kids…thanx to this post and giving more insights on soy protiens

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  11. I have been on weight modifying diets and soy proteins and whey are a very crucial aspect of my diet. Liked the write up.

  12. Soy protein is total protein solution, its a gteat way to improve the health os children pregnant women.

  13. Soy has been one product that I have started using in my daily diet. The fact that I am Lactose intolerant helps a great deal.

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  17. This was quite an insightful post I must say. I wasn’t aware that soya protein could also help loose weight. I am definitely keeping these pointers in mind. Thanks for sharing this.

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  19. I had no idea soy protein had so many benefits. I specially didn’t know about soy protein and its benefits for post menopause and reducing risk around prostrate cancer.

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  21. My child and I are lactose intolerant and our breastfeeding journey was complimented by a soy-based formula. Life saver! I have also been reading a lot about how increase in soy proteins is leading to health risks among young girls. There was something about it in the papers recently too. I think kids the key is to find food quality products to source healthy and nutrition rich soy protein! Good post this is… Good writing and great research

  22. Being a doctor , I too keep emphasising the role of protein and soy protein in maintaining healthy muscles, skin and weight.

  23. Protein is such an important building block. Last few months, I had gone low on my protein intake and I suffered from injuries during my workouts. I am being cautious now and increased my intake.

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