Soy Protein and kids

Soy Protein

Soy Protein is what is most talked nowadays when it comes to kids diet and health issues. In my last post, I mentioned about Soy Protein and it’s nutritional values. 

Soy Protein

I was excited and want to know what more I can learn when I received an invite from DuPont for the bloggers meet. It was an insightful session and being a mom I was actually curious to know how it is going to help kids.

The event started with a great note with Mr. Indranil Chatterjee, Regional Product Line Manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health Protein Solution for South Asia and South East Asia. He shared insightful benefits and values what soy protein is actually which is very much not known to us. 

Soy Protein

What is Soy Protein?

As it is a superior plant based it is a high-quality source of protein. I learned that research tells that if we include more plant protein in our diet, as opposed to more carbohydrate, we can be benefited with cardiovascular like lowering blood pressure

Now that makes me more curious to know how it is beneficial for kids. 

Ms. Jean Heggie, Strategic Marketing lead, DuPont Nutrition and health, Protein Solution, explained that Soy protein is beneficial to every age group and we should include it our meals and diets. 

Soy Protein

Before I tell why and how can we make our kids get benefited by this Soy protein check out this video which explains how soy protein is an economical and reliable alternative to meat and dairy proteins. 

Soy Protein and Kids

Some points which will really with this soy protein in kids health:

  1. It helps in weight management: Now kids tend to junk foods and outside food. I don’t feel it bad but yes, It’s in our hands how we give them a healthy diet and a healthy life. 
    Not only kids but they are beneficial for aging people too who are struggling with weight loss. As I always say, old age is second childhood and with aging, we tend to have a short-term appetite, fat loss, and decreasing calories intake. So intake of soy protein will help in maintaining a healthy body composition. 
  2. As for development and growth, we need nutrients like calcium, zinc, iron, and folate which soy provides. 
  3. Most kids are milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, or religious/cultural food practices that prohibit milk consumption can intake calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and high-quality protein from fortified soymilk. 

Soy Protein

What we are giving our family with Soy protein is a good healthy life. Add soy protein in your family diet not only to kids diet as it is beneficial for any age group and give them a healthy life.

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41 thoughts on “Soy Protein and kids

  1. My son has a non-vegetarian diet so I don’t feel the need for soy protein supplements but I’m sure they are a good alternative for families that have a vegetarian diet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I truly believe this would have been an insightful session knowing soy benefits. I agree with you this is a wonderful alternative in today’s junk food age.

  3. DuPont is doing a great job creating awareness abt soy protein amongst bloggers because that’s how it will reach mommies. Proteins esply soy proteins is essential to the kids.

  4. Proteins are building blocks of the body and hence so important for the growing children. Getting the right intake of proteins is always a challenge. Soy Protein is definitely a great remedy here.

  5. Indeed soy protein is good source of protein especially for vegetarians. Never know that so many sources of soy protein is available.

  6. Soy proteins are really important for our body. Its a great source of vegetarian protein. Thanks for sharing such insightful post

  7. This is such an informative post I have been used no in Soya benefits for health and have included Soya flour in a daily eating and it’s really working good for us keeping our health good.

  8. Looks like a very informative session and Thanks for sharing on your blog. Soy Protein is essential and is a building block for everyone. We all should incorporate it in our diet.

  9. Even though I’m a mom and have two kids, I’m not awareness of such things. I really appreciate your for sharing such information.

  10. Well .. being a pure vegetarian I often have been worked about protein intake for kids., Though we do add soya and other stuff but I didnt know so much
    Delighted to read

  11. I love the taste of soy milk and so does my toddler. Now that I know, how nutritious soy is I will try to include it more in my family’s diet.

  12. Soy protein is good for our health and we should introduce the same to the kid’s diet. Hope it was a great event and thanks for sharing the details.

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