2019 year for Gender Equality

Gender Equality

I’m a feminist. I’ve been a female for a long time now. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.” – Dr Maya Angelou, Celebrated American Poet

Women have been trying to be on their own side for 170 years, from the start of the Suffrage movement in 1848 to the #MeToo movement today.

From suffrage pioneers, like Susan B Anthony, to current day heavyweights like Sheryl Sandberg, it’s been a long journey for gender equity for women.

Today women can vote, work, and start a family free of societal meddling (well at least we can try).  She can be a mother and a leader, a wife and a provider, a grandmother and a startup CEO.

And women today straddle this duality with aplomb. But like everything that has come in the past, the wheels of patriarchy, now forced to be more subtle, have created technicalities specifically designed to contain women, reducing their freedoms to cages within which they can freely move.  

Here’s a stat attack for you:

By a 2017 World Bank report, Women make up 42% of the graduate work force in the country, but they only make up 20% of the service and industrial sector workforce.

Furthermore the total participation of women in the work force is only 27%, compared to 65%-70% in China and Brazil. Just to round it up, India has a rank of 120 out of 131 countries for female participation in the work force.

2018 saw a drastic shift in power in the women demographic across the globe as glass ceiling were crackled and rose to positions of power.

A whole new class of disruptive leaders joined the list, however the race wasn’t easy and this is where the women are taking strides to break out and storm to the corner office. 

The women now considered as the toughest and smartest leaders are helping solve the world’s biggest problems and making their mark on the board.

In India we saw the upheaval of several power structures and the reduction of many personalities, as companies and organizations across sectors were forced to start taking gender rights more seriously.  

With more women vocalizing their challenges and positions of vulnerabilities on various platforms, it has become easier for the community to learn from each other and navigate their careers with more care. Indeed 

Diversity has never had more light than now. From the #metoo to #wetoo to the #timesup movements, the mobilization and rise of women to drive change has gained enough momentum to boost 2019 into the year of change.

The time now is to re-craft the rules of power and leadership and write it afresh. The time now is to build forums that discuss the new normal.

One such forum is The Economic Times Women’s Forum. A definitive and diverse gathering of influential women of impact from India and abroad, the forum has been celebrated as a platform of celebration, reflection, ideation, inspiration, and networking for women.

The over-arching intent of the program is to enhance gender equity in India across personal and professional spheres, thereby boosting the nation’s growth. The event will be a full day event in Mumbai on 8 Feb 2019.

Apart from this you can explore the rich culture of the forum on their website www.etwomensforum.com. Champion the cause of gender equity and take part in the debates on Facebook (@MyETpaper) and twitter (@ETWomensForum). View the ET Woman’s Forum from the lens of the new age woman on the Instagram handle @ETWomensForum. Let’s together be the voice of change.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this initiative by etwomens forum . Even I feel we need such many initiatives by us for the gender equality. We should also teach kids right from the beginning so the next generation is well educated on it

  2. Gender equality is the need of the hour. For our country to progress n get to level of global acknowledgement, it’s important to rise above the burgiosie n progress

  3. I feel every year and moment should be one for gender equality, and it doesn’t have to limit itself to the work place. It should begin at home. I appreciate your thoughts and this post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is the duty of the newly married in the first place to respect each other with equality rather than treating each other as mere husband and wife. If they become the best friends, only then will they be able to inculcate gender equality in their children without any bias.


  5. Women really rule out male diplomatic world. She has marked her presence in this world now. I am happy we are able to live in much equivalent world now.

  6. Gender equality is what we’re fighting for in India now. Our country needs it. Thanks for sharing the forums and statistics of women empowerment on your post.

  7. I so agree with you. Gender equality is must. And this is an amazing initiative. Thanks for sharing such article

  8. I sincerely hope more people come across this article to understand male privilege and the need for gender equality.

  9. Forget rural setting even in Urban areas , Gender equality at the work place still remains elusive , I am glad that there is a forum like ET Woman’s Forum to voice the concerns of the female work force.

  10. That’s a great initiative by etwomens forum. We need more such platforms that help women voice out their opinions. I’m definitely sharing this with my friends.

  11. High time we ensure that boys and girls are treated equally!. As a mom, both kids of mine are same for me. No special privileges for them just because one is a boy and another a girl.

  12. It’s shame why we have to prove ourselves in front of the society. Maybe because all the rules have been laid by men. There are men who knows for the fact that we deserve equal treatment but there are also some women who don’t believe in it.

  13. This is such a thoughtful post. We all should take such initiative and make it a better world to live.

  14. I really like the thought and this thought make me feel powerful honestly. We need gender Equality at home, workplace, market, job and even on roads while driving. Loved reading the post

  15. We are already equals… We are born equals… And if we fight for our rights and equality, patriarchy will have to bend! Loved your post!

  16. This is a great initiative by ET woman’s forum. I am sure it would provide a platform for working women to raise their apprehensions and concern.

  17. We need more such forums for initiatives like this. Gender equality is much needed now. These are alarming stats.

  18. Gender equality is very necessary these days and was important even before. This is such a good initiative . Love the post..

  19. This is a very good initiative. It’s much needed and you see doing a wonderful job sharing these stats for awareness.

  20. Gended equality is necessary at this point. We need to educate those who think that gender equality is not acceptable. Every small change leads to a better future.

  21. I wish I could attend the event. But really glad that we are taking another step to tell women that they are no less than anyone.

  22. ET womens forum has provided a right platform to voice out many silent pleas which women have been contained to for ages. Today, we need to be treated equally but more than that we need an understanding of being self dependent.
    You have pointed out the vision of progressive Indian women.

  23. Women is not less than men ,be it any field.It’s great that now there are many personalities supporting and fighting for the cause of gender equality.Better late then never.

  24. Indeed this is the need of the hour, for women to understand and overcome all the barriers and prove her mettle in the corporate world. I am glad to know that ET has come up about such an initiative. Kudos to them.

  25. I totally agree with your viewpoint here. And that’s such a great initiative. Its time now we speak about it. Thanks for sharing

  26. as a mom i always ensure that none of my kids get special treatment. girls are no less and boys are no way superior.

  27. Our country needs gender equality. It is not practised almost anywhere – work, family! Atleast i am trying at my home!

  28. It definitely has been an interesting year for women. Et is always associated with business and economics, a special women specific congregation is interesting.

  29. This is such an important and nice initiative as it’s really important to bring forward gender equality . Thanks so much for sharing this article, I hope people understand the importance.

  30. This forum is doing a lot of good work for women’s empowerment. Equality is a long way away.

  31. The change which we are expecting is not going to happen instantly…It took generations to degrade women and would take generations to upgrade them.

  32. Must say a great initiative by Economic Times. It’s actually suffocating to know the society’s mentality and behavior.

  33. Egoistic men should read this article and at least get to know what the current scenario is! Because of such idiotic male women are getting disturbed mentally and physically

  34. Economic Times has been a pioneer in bringing in the society, the women empower movement and gender equality mission is another stepping stone for better future.

  35. There should not be such word gender baisment in dictionary it always has to be equality

  36. I feel now women rule the world. Even watching today a Republic day parade. I feeling so proud that how Nari Shakti, women military showcase, they are no less in any field.

  37. This is such a thoughtful post. India needs gender equality badly. And it should start at home.

  38. Good initiative by ET women forum for women empowerment at work places. Love your post.

  39. Glad to know about this wonderful initiative buddy. Thanks for the share.

  40. Girls are no less than boys these days and gender equality is a very good initiative. Both of them have equal right and it’s time raise voice..

  41. It’s a great initiative by Economic Times. It’s actually disturbing to know the society’s mentality and behavior. Missed this event

  42. Gender equality is the need of the hour. It’s high time that we talk about it openly and at larger platforms to make a point. I am eagerly looking forward to ET event in Feb. It will be an eye opener for sure!

  43. About time to be comfortable with the word feminism. These stats were an eye-opener. Kudos for the initiative of etwomens forum.

  44. Gender equality is very important across the world, that’s a great initiative.

  45. Such a thoughtful post about gender equality..it’s a great initiative towards gender equality…


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