Balzano Yoga Blender with Stone Grind technology

Balzano Yoga Blender is one of the most loved products now at home. Recently my mom visited and gifted me a yoga blender mentioning “You will not miss any nutritional value of any fruit juice”.

To my curiosity as always, I started finding out how Balzano Yoga Blender differs from other blenders available in the market, and to my surprise, there are a lot of many features but my top 3 features really impressed me.

3 Features of Balzano Yoga Blender which I liked

1. Stone Grind Technology:

This is one of my most favorite features which is not available in many others. Do you remember our grandmothers and mothers traditionally grinding masalas on stones keeping them pure and maintaining their texture?

Now, Balzano got this stone grind technology in their Yoga Blender which allows extracting maximum nutrients from ingredients as the fiber is not cut & is chewed between the teeth of the specially designed plates.

This Balzano Yoga Blender has plates with teeth on them from which the food goes and gives the perfect chewing action exactly like stone grinding. Not only this, it ensures that because of high speed the heat-sensitive vitamins are intact.

In this way, the maximum nutrients can be extracted just like in our old Ayurveda is used.

2. Auto Seed Separation:

This is the only Blender that automatically separates seeds from all fruits and vegetables be it kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon, cherries, lychee, pomegranate, custard apple, etc which means no more hassle to drain and serve.

3. Cyclonic waterfall Technology:

I remember, my yoga teacher taught us, and even in Ayurveda it is said and suggested that we need to chew the food 32 times before we eat it, and in this blender, the foods rotate in a cyclonic motion & just blend for 40 sec and get the food stone grinded 32 times just like chewing.

Stone Grind technology

Now, if you really want to know more about why I recommend this blender for your home. Check out these silent features which you just can’t miss:

1. Seed separation is the biggest task and this blender gives you seedless juice with no effort.

2. No more headache of pouring juice in jugs and then serving it, it is easy as it has a faucet-type juice outlet – Just open the tap and pour the juice in the glass. (Isn’t it cool).

3. It is Super silent to operate and you can get immunity-boosting juices in seconds.

4. Jar is big enough and gives you the liberty to make juice for the entire family in one go.

5. Quite: With noise levels below 60 decibels, it has a super silent operation.

Keeping teachings from Ayurveda and Yoga this blender also works on the same principle and keeps the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables intact. As we know that fiber is equally important to reduce the sugar level in the juices, this yoga blender follows the same principle and helps in maintaining all fibers to be consumed.

It is easy to clean and now my perfect kitchen partner to keep my family happy and healthy.

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  1. Wow I loved all the features of Balzano yoga blender. it is great that this blender keeps the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables intact. will surly share about it with my brother. he is highly interested in these kind of products.

  2. wow…the first thing that I saw was stone grind. So far I haven’t seen this feature in any blender. And the faucet type juice outlet is also a bonus feature. This is make it very easy during parties when we want to serve fresh juices but re worried about the mess it will create.

  3. I think I should get one for myself. The best feature that attracted me is it’s seedseparation technology . I get to lazy especial when I need to remove the seeds as it us too tedious.

  4. Keeping the nutritional content intact this product looks very promising. Also the faucet feature is impressive.

  5. This is such a thoughtfully developed blender. Taking seeds out of the juice is truly a pain that gets addressed in this blender. Thanks for reviewing this juicer blender.

  6. Stone grind technology in itself is very unique and very essential feature in any grinder. Few days back only my mom said that shortlist some good grinders as the current isn’t working properly. Now I can recommend this to her

  7. Balzano having the features on Stone Grind takes me to the years where the most of the Indian dishes were prepared in traditional manner. And quite like the feature that it is silent, so that we can give surprise to our family with dish too.

  8. My wife and mom will absolutely love this product. Balzano Yoga Blender, just like its quirky name, leverages stone grind technology to best possible use. I can wait to buy this blender.

  9. Wow I absolutely love that outlet or the small tiny tap to get the juice out. Really cool. Looks like Balzano Yoga Blender is an amazing blender with really advanced stone grind technology. Will have a look at it so I can get one of these home.

  10. Whenever I blend herbs etc., I think of the old mortar and pestle method, that how perfect that used to be for chutneys and all. The stone grind technology here has that solution.

  11. Having a good blender is important in the kitchen I have been looking to buy something that’s powerful and helps manage my cooking well in the house. Loved reading up on Balzano Yoga Blender and would for sure like to check out the details for buying.

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