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Hey Ladies! We spend thousands and thousands of rupees on improving our hair health, and even after we see no results we keep doing the same. Have we ever wondered what lies at the heart of this tryst with hair loss that bothers all of us.

I’ve always had trouble with hair fall. Especially some months of the year. But recently I was hit with this problem again and was confused that How to fix the hair loss problem? And this time it was much more rapid and heavy then it was ever before. I did all the usual things that I would do earlier, I also tried home remedies touted by mothers and grandmothers. However, when nothing worked I did what all of us are guilty of doing.

I went to Google and tried to find solutions by myself. The most obvious solutions that I came across were anti-hair fall shampoos, oils, and biotin gummies. But having tried all these before I was looking for something different. It was at this time we came across a company called Traya Health. They had a rating of 4.5 on Google and the Traya review I read seemed honest so I decided to go to the website.

About Traya

On the website I was directed to a Traya’s free hair diagnosis form, I expected only name, numbers and email but the form was very different then what I expected. It was long and comprehensive.

Let me share the first hand experience which made me more curious to go ahead, unlike other sites proper details like age, gender, about whether I had dandruff, my hair goals, my family history, about my digestive health, my energy levels, stress levels, sleep quality and pattern, anemia, vitamin deficiency, my hormonal health, and finally I was asked to submit a scalp image.

Now this made me quite curious. I mean what could my digestion or sleep have to do with hair loss? So I chose the option of booking a free call with one of their hair experts.

And after receiving a call from the expert who explained all in detail and the relevance of each question.

What make Traya special?

  • As it turns out Traya is the first company in India to use a unique approach of combining Ayurveda, dermatology and nutrition.
  • They are also a completely doctor prescribed treatment and not just doctor backed.
  • According to Ayurveda hair loss is the result of poor internal health. And therefore they ask about your digestion, metabolism, stress and sleep patterns. And take a bottom’s up approach in fixing hair loss. That means they fix health to fix hair loss.
  • Along with Ayurveda they use clinically proven solutions such a minoxidil 5%, minoxidil 2%, redensyl 3%, and ketoconazole 2% combined with a low pitta diet plan created by their Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Shailendra Chaubey.

In my research about traya review, I found people had reported significant improvement in internal health factors. So I was super excited to try it. A lot of traya reviews also stated that people were able to manage their weight and digestive health better while following their diet.

Traya review

My Experience

When I was satisfied, I placed an order for the treatment I received a call from their hair coach. My hair coach was Sakshi. She called me and asked me in detail about my diet, lifestyle and to elaborate on the things I mentioned in the form.

Not only this she also set expectations about how the treatment will progress month on month. I knew from reading Traya review that their treatment is about 5 months. I asked her and she mentioned that the recovery on Traya treatment depends on your age and stage of hair loss.

 Basically, the higher your stage (pattern hair loss has 7 stages) and the higher your age, the more time you will take to recover. She explained that post the age of 35 your body’s response rate to medicine reduces and thus any recovery related to health takes longer than it did before 35.

As I was more curious, she shared some testimonials with me, these Traya reviews were before and after images of people who had a similar case of FPH (female pattern hair loss) to help me understand the scope of improvement.

My Plan with Traya

I was then informed that my case was assigned to three doctors –

  • A dermatologist,
  • An Ayurvedic doctor and
  • A nutritionist.

And that the prescription I was to receive, will contain the name, signature, and medical license numbers of the doctors.

I received a notification in a few days that my prescription is ready and my diet plan was shared by Sakshi. She guided I don’t need to immediately make these changes in my diet overnight. But slowly start substituting the things that were not allowed in my diet. She also said that they can help with recipes if I had any issues.

On receiving my kit, I once again got a call from Sakshi who explained my prescription to me and then told me that she will get in touch with me every 10 days or so to take an update on how I was following the treatment and whether I was being consistent with it.

Final Take

My overall experience is great with a smooth process from diagnosis till clearing my queries. Traya completely showed their commitment to fixing overall health and not just pushing a product to you. Finally, my question How to fix the hair loss problem got answered.

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  1. Knowing the root cause is very important before trying any shampoos or store bought oils. Analyzing the problem and then taking actions is the best way to handle it. I am glad you had a good experience with Traya.

  2. I am hearing a lot about Traya hair products and hair services all across the web. I loved their basic philosophy and way of treatment. it is great that they are working on root cause and focusing on lifestyle factors to control hair fall.

  3. I a so enticed to Try Traya now, It really seems worthy, thanks a lot for your recommendation.

  4. Absolutely love the comprehensive study the company does before prescribing any medicine. Also love the timely follow up their staff did on call for each and every step. An appreciable way of working for a service provider

  5. I know of a lot of friends who suffer from some sort of hair loss or hair related issue. I will now recommend the Traya treatment to them based on your honest review of their products.

  6. Traya hair products and hair services looks so perfect. I loved their basic philosophy and way of treatment. Great thoughts.

  7. Thanks for this post. I am having terrible hair loss post pregnancy and find it hard to re connect with hair. Thanks for this honest review. Would look forward!

  8. I am a huge fan of effective natural ways to pep up your skin and hair. These products seems to be wonderful and now that you have recommended, I would surely try them out.

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