Sizzle Desi-World Cuisine with Indian Flavors


Face behind Siz­zle Desi

Chef Parag with his rich expe­ri­ence of 25 years in hotel man­age­ment, restaurants,banqueting and hos­pi­tal­i­ty. He did his grad­u­a­tion in Hotel Mgmt Diplo­ma from Food Craft Insti­tute Pune and thought to give new des­ti­na­tion to all food­ies in Thane with his mouth water­ing dish­es .… He want­ed to give his ever loved place and peo­ple of thane where he spend his child­hood some­thing excit­ing and new but ground­ed to roots and his dream comes true and his dream is now what Thane peo­ple knows is “Siz­zle Desi”.
A per­son can dream a lot but to make it true and to give it a face it’s very nec­es­sary to have men­tal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly a per­son who lis­tens to you and believe in your dream … Chef Parag is among that lucky one who got his bet­ter half Megha and love­ly daugh­ter Meera who joined their hands in his dream and gave his dream a face “Siz­zle Desi”.


Every restau­rant has a dis­tinct ambi­ence, taste and a ser­vice qual­i­ty that defines its exis­tence…
As soon as you will enter in restau­rant you will feel pos­i­tive vibes and smil­ing staff wel­com­ing you.


Ambi­ence is nice and very well main­tained but only one thing which can be added more to enhance the beau­ty and com­fort if some sit­ting lounge is added which in future I hope and wish to see …else very nice­ly done inte­ri­ors.

Menu card was designed keep­ing the the­me of the restau­rant just like a siz­zle plate …
And menu is hav­ing more than 60 siz­zlers …it’s just wow !!! In one menu 60 Siz­zlers which made me more curi­ous to know what’s the best to order…


And to res­cue us Meera came as a guid­ing hope to us and helped us to select best from chef’s kitchen…

She told us to try her fav soups and we ordered same

Mush­room Cap­puc­ci­no with add on Chick­en (you can try out same with sea food)
& Cream of Broccoli,crumbled cot­tage cheese



Both of the soups are equal­ly awe­some and I was so hap­py as my 7 years daugh­ter fin­ished her cream of broc­coli soup which gen­er­al­ly a tough job for a moth­er …

And for starter we decid­ed to again trust Meera as she said Mut­ton Sukka & Fries Ani­mal style are best…



Well to be very hon­est with my read­ers and fol­low­ers .…
Yes, if you love Mut­ton I will high­ly rec­om­mend you to go and try one. Mut­ton Sukka It was just out of world I loved it …it was cooked so nice­ly and ten­der with per­fect­ly blend and coat­ed with spices .….

About Fries Ani­mal style I would say Ok as it doesn’t tempt me much …If you are going along with your small kids you can order for them and try.

And it’s time for jump­ing to main course and so many vari­eties of siz­zlers in one menu from veg­eta­bles to paneer .. From chick­en to mut­ton till sea food .. You just think of and you get it.

They serve siz­zlers with dif­fer­ent kind of sauces and you can choose any­one from it .. Arrabiatta/ Gar­lic / Pepper/ Mustard/ Pepper/ Barbeque/ Chimichuri/ Harissa/ ThaiRed/ ThaiGreen/ Schezwan/ Sweet Soya/ Hoisin/ Oyster/ Chilli Soya/ Makhani/ Bhu­na.

We stuck to our guide for evening Meera and she helped us and told us to try Grilled Haris­sa chick­en and we ordered same and as expect­ed it was also just per­fect , per­fect­ly cooked and ten­der accom­pa­nied with rice and Haris­sa sauce.


They always serve all siz­zlers with Creamy Spinach, Mashed Potatoes/Potato wedges/ Pota­to Skins/ French Fries, Cream Corn and But­ter Gar­lic Veg­gies.

I can go for it again for sure and so I can say you don’t miss this one ..

By this time we were almost done and had no space for desert but some­thing which real­ly made us inter­est­ed and tempt to try was unique desert in menu card and it was “Gulab Jamun Choco­late Siz­zle” and we ordered that …


OMG !!! This is some­thing which is total­ly out of box and I nev­er had it any­where .…

Best time to rel­ish it!!!!

Oh how can I for­get to tell usu­al­ly after com­plet­ing din­ner or lunch in any restau­rant we always come out hav­ing mukhwas .….but here you get some­thing new and real­ly inter­est­ing and equal­ly refresh­ing … Desi siz­zler serve in place of Mukhwas ~ Paan shots !!!


This is not only where cre­ativ­i­ty stops Chef Parag told us that they serve vari­ety of siz­zlers and which is more tempt­ing and I am sure you all would sure­ly love yo have that .… Some Out of Box siz­zlers which you only get here are #

Sabu­dana Upvas Siz­zler


Upvas Bha­jani Siz­zler


Puran poli siz­zler


Bhar­li Vangi


For birth­day par­ties, small get togeth­er of a kit­ty par­ty I rec­om­mend this place … Enjoy !!

It’s easy to reach there

1 Trishul Apt, West Panch Pakhadi, West 400602, East­ern Express Hwy, Panch Pakhadi, Thane, Maha­rash­tra

For Reser­va­tions # 022 2533 9751

Con­nect with them on Face­book # Siz­zle Desi

And Bon Appetite!!!

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  1. Good review , a detailed one , liked the con­cept of Gulab Jamun + Choco­late .
    So a post request for u 🙂
    Kind­ly upload a detailed recipe of that Gulab Jamum + Choco­late Siz­zler , Would love to try this new siz­zler .

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