If you are in Thane(w) and look­ing for some good North Indi­an taste for­food­iefam­i­ly sug­gests you to try once “North­ern tad­ka restu­rant On 2nd Floor of R-Mall, in Ghod­ban­der Road.

It is said that first impres­sion is last impres­sion for me once I entered I loved the ambi­ence …ah!! If you think you will get Pun­jab inside…no set­ting is like nor­mal­ly what you get in any restu­rants but slow play­ing a old bol­ly­wood music , and dec­o­ra­tion even their wait­ers dressed as pujabi style and for drink­ing water too you will get “Kul­had”

Well then came Menu card in shape of fan !!!


Man­ager told us to try their Today’s Spe­cial starter “Fad­fadi Kabab”

So in starter we ordered as sug­gest­ed by man­ager 1 “Fad­fadi kabab ” image

And 1 our choice from menu’s men­tioned on first “Dhuad­haar KABAB” image

Now com­ing to taste Fad­fadi Kabab was just like chick­en tangdi Kabab but Dhuad­har Kabab was real­ly good .. We loved it as we love spicy…yes bit spicy but real­ly nice … Oh how can I miss men­tion­ing 2 yum­my chut­ney they serve with starter .. One is usu­al green pud­i­na, dhaniya chut­ney and oth­er one was gar­lic with curd and red chilli paste they make .. And I liked gar­lic one ?

Well it was long time we had biryani so we ordered their “Murg Dum Biryani ” and see they served very much in authen­tic way.…
Taste was perfect…served with curd but I had with my fav by that time gar­lic chut­ney …

Till the time we were already full … So asked to bring bill but they sur­prised us as they serve com­pli­men­ta­ry jalebi rabri to all guest … Yum­my

Now this is called great week­end of for­food­iefam­i­ly with fam­i­ly in NORTHERN TADKA ..

Well ‚for­food­iefam­i­ly rate them 4.5/5
If you are in Andheri,Dahisar and Mal­ad you can look for same restu­rant as they have chains there too.…

Do share your expe­ri­ence if you get chance to dine with your fam­i­ly in this restau­rant!!
Till then keep fol­low­ing and hap­py eat­ing with your fam­i­ly ??

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