Parenting- Eating habits in monsoon

As our mon­soon babies are enjoy­ing rains now it’s our turn to be cau­tious and take care of there eat­ing habits this rainy sea­son.

  1. Boiled water : Water is very much essen­tial for every­one try to give your lit­tle puri­fied water or best boiled water & make sure wherever your child goes car­ry his/her water bot­tle to avoid drink­ing out­side.


2. Due to humid­i­ty diges­tive sys­tem is low­er in body so please don’t force your child to eat if he is not will­ing to.

3. Give your child Sea­son­al fruits such as pome­gran­ates, bananas, peach­es, pears etc more and avoid water-based fruits such as water­mel­on and musk mel­ons as bac­te­ria pres­ence is increased dur­ing the mon­soons.


4. All veg­eta­bles espe­cial­ly leafy green veg­eta­bles should be washed very well before cook­ing and add more anti-oxi­dants such as dif­fer­ent gourds, pump­kins, cap­sicum, berries etc. as they will help boost your child’s immune sys­tem.


5. Avoid road side food and pre cut fruits.


Let your kids enjoy rainy sea­son fullest in healthy way


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