Moonsoon Baby

Big relief after a hot sum­mer with awe­some n cool moon­soon hit­ting. Every­thing comes with good & some effects so the rains also bring humid weath­er, flood­ed roads, mos­qui­toes, dis­eases and lots more.

Don’t wor­ry luck­i­ly, with lit­tle pre­cau­tions, you can enjoy along with your baby the mon­soon and stay safe.


Child safe­ty and oth­er tips

  1. Pre mon­soon check # Make sure your home is clean and all faulty wires & drainage are fixed.
  2.  Keep your baby indoors dur­ing the first rain of the sea­son. This rain can be acidic and could cause skin prob­lems. Due to weath­er changes kids often get sick.
  3. Keep first aid box ready and make sure your pedi­atric num­ber saved in emer­gen­cy list.
  4.  Sweat­ing a lot in humid weath­er is com­mon but this could lead to fun­gal infec­tions, skin rash­es or allergies. Keep baby clean by giv­ing him baths or sponge baths at least once a day. When you bathe your baby, check his neck, under­arms, gen­i­tal­ia and oth­er creas­es in his body.
  5. Try to keep your baby dry by dress­ing him appro­pri­ate­ly
  6. Don’t for­get to wash your hands after you change his nap­pies and after he eats, if he is old enough to have solid food. Cut your baby’s nails.
  7. Moon­soon is unpre­dictable. It may start very hot & humid n sud­den­ly cold as it rains. Dress up your lit­tle one accord­ing­ly.
  8. Washed clothes take longer to dry in humid weath­er, and wear­ing damp clothes or socks can lead to fun­gal infec­tions.
  9. Use clean dish­es to serve your kid­do.
  10. Lit­tle pre­cau­tions & you will see your baby enjoy­ing his moon­soon n stays healthy!!


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