Parenting Experience from Cross connection Author Seema Punwani

Parenting Experience from Cross connection Author Seema Punwani

May 22, 2019 16 By Ruchi Verma

I’m not lame, I’m game!

On May 07, 2019, Mumbai A panel discussion hosted at Crosswords, Kemps corner on Tuesday, 7th May featured Seema Punwani, author of Cross Connection and Dr. Swati Popat Vats, Global Educationist and co-author of ‘Once Upon a Story,’ discussed the benefits of adopting humor in parenting. 

The discussion was moderated by Mansi Zaveri – Founder and CEO of Kidsstoppress.

Questions related to how a sense of humor is helpful while dealing with kids, the role of humor in building a child’s character and personality as well as the do’s and dont’s of humor in parenting were addressed.

Seema Punwani

The highly enthusiastic panel discussion was attended by an audience of women from different sectors such as business development, digital marketing, public relations, etc.

The panelists agreed upon the fact that at times parenting does get tough, enough to have parents lose their temper very often.

“However, parenting is a long journey” stated author Seema Punwani. Through the discussion, the authors outlined the benefits of humor when used effectively as a tool to ease the tensions of parenting. 

Author Seema Punwani shared experiences justifying that what may be funny to a child may not be the same for a teenager.

As a kid; anecdotes from my day made my son laugh. But as a teen I couldn’t get to make him laugh” said Punwani. In order to bridge the gap, she suggested that parents could begin with finding common ground as she did by watching the same movies and TV shows with her son.

Seema Punwani

Stop asking for sympathy as parents,” said Dr. Swati Popat Vats. “Every parent must know that will go through sleepless nights. You can either get wrinkled about it or can stay one step ahead with your humor,” she added. 

While discussing whether humor can be used in the case of a few serious situations; Punwani asserted that some topics require seriousness and can’t be brushed off. 

 “In these cases, joking won’t help solve the problem but will help lighten the moment,” said Punwani.

While the discussion advanced into the child’s personality and character building with the use of humor, Dr. Vats warned: “When a child is upset, never laugh it off!”

“Have a sense of humor with your child. Let them understand what to laugh at and what to laugh with,” she added.

While addressing the concern of parents often having too little time off their schedule to spend with their kids; Dr. Vats stated that “There’s no timetable for childhood. You don’t need to find time to be funny, it just has to be a part of parenting.” In firm agreement with the same Punwani added that “Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi too had only 24 hours during their day and they happened to be people of good wit.”

When asked whether lying to kids could be a part of the humor in parenting; Dr. Vats stated: “One must never lie to their kids unless there is a question of age involved.” 

Further advancing this topic, Punwani brought in the discussion of age appropriateness in revealing otherwise censored details to children. She suggested that rather than taking the child aside abruptly to talk about topics like the LGBT community or sexual preferences, these conversations should take place in spontaneity.

The tone of the panel was a fun one, accompanied by laughs and giggles, owing to the excitingly humorous authors. While the discussion came to an end; the audience was left with a very important message by Dr. Swati Popat Vats. She stated “One can laugh in parenting, one can laugh with parenting but never at parenting.

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