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7 baby products I love

There are so many baby products in market but few which are always trustworthy and I don’t give second thought buying them. My list of 7 fav baby products :   1.FIGARO OLIVE OIL : …

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Bhavish

You remember that first day of the new year where you start off strong, with a long list of resolutions planned, ready to conquer. And maybe you do follow them for a week, or maybe two. But …

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Versatile blogger Award

This is so lovely and best surprise that my co blogger thinks that I am versatile in writing and nominated me in Versatile Blogger Award . Well I love to say big thanks and a big hug …

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#FlashbackRefreshed by SlimExpectations

I’m a S.A.H.M, and far from perfect. I think I’m doing an okay job. But, each year I plan to better it.  But, does that really happen? One of my resolution, since many years had …

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Romila

Making New Year’s resolutions can suck the soul right out of your body. It starts off innocently enough with setting motivational goals, but most of us are left with a bunch of New Year’s resolutions …

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#FlashbackRefreshed by Amrita

I have an impossible habit of asking why. When I was a little girl, my mom used to get irritated while travelling anywhere. The entire trip ,I used to look out of the window and ask her …

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“Everyday is not as same as yesterday” This is the only thought Akansha was thinking sitting outside police station waiting for her mother in laws to come and take her away. Her life changed AGAIN …

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Power what does it really means?

Simple 5 letter word can change entire system ..Power of expression, power of speech, power of giving, power to rule, power can make you and power can destroy you. It’s totally upto you how you …

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Mistake maker!!

Are you one who keep on doing mistakes?? What I belive is Mistakes are obviously are stepping stones towards learning, like we tell kids we all at a point commit mistake. 5 important things I …

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Good Food is Good Mood

GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD !! Good tadka , good masala would make your food and plate much tastier but it’s time for “Goodness ki Shuruaat” If you aren’t a good cook but are equipped …

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Hola my co-bloggers ….. Are you excited for fun flashback and contest as this year is ending soon…. #FlashbackRefreshed Rules :Mandatory Rules  Follow blog forfoodiefamily and on twitter. Like Facebook page of sponsor Sandy’s Bake Studio and …

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5 things brings smile on my face – #WedShadow

Smile is like a mirror smile and it will revert u back. I always quote “Smiling is best thing…smile a lot as it costs nothing ” and seriously it really costs nothing. There are many …

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Adventure to real vegetable chips -TERRA ADVENTURE

OVER 20 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS. Terra® Chips are the brainchild of two New York chefs with the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that keeps one’s ingenuity and imagination cooking. Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki each left …

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"JUG"of my life

It is said “If you want a happy married life , you need to be a good companion and friend”, I was always worried when my mom used to say “There is a marriage proposal …

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Voice of India-Nishtha Sharma

She is little princess of her parents, little pretty naughty sister of her big brother and a happy friend and a good student but when she sung the sargam even musical and magical voice king …

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