Fate is what we want and we are

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This post is written for #WriteBravely for the Quote Prompts “Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”

I remember my dad used to say to me “You will be what you think and behave like” I never used to understand the depth of this. My dad who never believed in fate, he believed in hard work and work which we do directly from our heart.

Still, remember his few lessons of life, I must grab all that he said but follow on each one of his teachings is really tough for me. It’s not because it’s tough but yes they are something I want to follow but miss it each time. 

That’s a quite long story how and what all, in short, you can read here which I miss to follow.

How fate make us?

Have you ever sat alone and think what you are made for and what you are doing in life? 

I have a friend, a really good friend who called me one day and told me that she is feeling low and depressed as life is just going like a still water..flowing in the same direction.

It’s not only her problem but very common for each one of us. Now, how to come out of it? 

I personally feel your mind play the biggest role in day to day life. I believe that today I’m a blogger expressing my feelings through my words only because of my fate which I found and explored. 

Being a Gemini by zodiac sign I know I am restless and very moody, but for sure got inherited quality of my dad of standing head high and complete any task if taken in hand. 

After completing my MCA, leaving behind lecturership of Lucknow University and saying bye to my HR career was quite a roller coaster for me which got a destination when my blog was born.

I have an attitude of never saying NO and when I felt leaving all these jobs and qualification I realized that I am meant for sharing my thoughts to a better world for better tomorrow as thirst of learning new things brought me till here.

I am so proud to be part of my fate. Check where my fate belongs.

I discovered my fate in myself and feel brave to accept it leaving behind other things. Have you recognized what your fate is? Share with us in comments below.

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  1. I am a Gemini too, Ruchie:) Your grit , determination and fun loving spirit is inspirational. Keep it up!

  2. o some extent i agree with your views. Very much positive post.

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