5 Types of women underwear for various styles

women underwear

We ladies are so particular when it comes to selecting the right bra depending on the different style of our outfits. Be it a T-shirt bra for our everyday Tees, seamless bras for bodycon dresses; however, what happens to us when it comes to deciding the right panty?

We’ve all had those days where we’d slip into our favorite curve-flattering dresses or go-to yoga pants, only to be embarrassed about the see-through panty lines, haven’t we? With the women’s underwear market growing leaps and bounds, our options to chose from a wide variety of panties is never-ending. Time to give our undies just as equal importance as our beloved bras. After all, aren’t they all an essential part of our day to day wardrobe?

From pencil skirts to skinny jeans and leggings, here is your in-depth guide to the various types of panties that promise to make your life so much more fuss-free. Plus, a list of coveted outfits that you can pair them with.


women underwear
Source: Clovia.com

Nothing screams sexy and sultry like thongs. An absolute life savior, thongs come to your rescue no matter what the occasion or the outfit. Available in plush and skin- friendly fabrics, thongs are all you need to complete your underwear closet. From giving your gym pants a seamless look to saving you from the awkward panty line moment, thongs are a must have in every women’s underwear wardrobe.

Hipster Panties

women underwear

Source: Clovia.com

These low rise panties are a classic combination of bikini panties and your regular seamless underwears. Crafted with wide side coverage, hipster panties are an ideal pick for women all love to stack their wardrobe with a ton of low waist denim.  Team them with your mid rise and low rise pants to avoid in faux pas moments.


women underwear

Source: Clovia.com

High on comfort and style, boyshorts are a sexier version of men’s boxers. A classy and sassy take on your good ol’ slacks, boyshorts make summer dressing so much more carefree. Be it your fit and flare skater dresses or fun and flirty skirts, boyshorts are an ideal choice to don underneath. Fabricated from breathable fabrics, boyshorts are available in a ton of captivating hues and fancy prints.

Bikini Panties

women underwear

Source: Clovia.com

Also famously knows as Brazilian briefs, bikini panties can be considered the by-product of hipster panties and thongs put together. Providing a fair amount of rear coverage, bikini panties are a sexy alternative to seamless panties. Bid a fashionable goodbye to panty lines, by splurging on these year round must-haves. Mix and match them with your tropical printed bikinis or pair them with your T-shirt bras, whatever the occasion may be, bikini bras promise to occupy a prime spot in every woman’s underwear drawer. Slide them underneath your hot shorts or tush-hugging pencil skirts to bump off this panty lines in a jiffy.

Bra & Panty Sets

women underwear

Source: Clovia.com

What’s better than have just a seamless bra? How about an entire seamless bra & panty set? Revamp and upgrade your wardrobe by giving it a seamless shift. We live in a fast paced world where our mornings are all about getting ready in the blink of an eye. Keeping that in mind, the last thing you want to stress about is finding the correct lingerie for the right dress. And the best way out to this problematic morning ritual is splurging on some seamless bra panty sets. This way get all dressed in the morning will be the least of your concerns. All you’ll need is some strong coffee to head out and conquer the world.

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  3. You are right! Choosing right underwear according to your personal comfort is essential. Discomfort creates chaos!

  4. I personally prefer thongs and bikini styles. And seamless panties for tight dresses. 🙂

  5. How i loved thongs before but they felt uncomfortable so i just use the bikini style everyday.

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  8. This is indeed a helpful post-Ruchi. Everyone should first understand all different varieties available to know what will suit them best. I have always loved t-shirt Bra and Seamless panties

  9. Great list Ruchi! My personal preference is for hipster style briefs as they are the most comfortable for every day wear.

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  21. This is a very helpful and insightful post. These are some cool designs to pick and choose from. Inner wear too has so many styles now.

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