Which Fabric Is Perfect For Rainy Day Office Look

Rainy Day office look

When it rain we often don’t get an idea how to create a rainy day office look. Yes, It’s raining and seriously it doesn’t mean that you can’t do fashion and look chic this season. Time to just think wisely and get your cool yet classy rainy day office look.

We all are so well aware of Mumbai rain and potholes and it’s a challenge to commute during rain. Well, yes but in spite of these potholes and overcrowded local trains one thing which never stops is the never giving up attitude of true Mumbaikar…

Now when it comes to looks it’s a little tricky but not tough to look presentable at your workplace. Just keep a few things handy and follow some of my wiggling tips for your rainy day office look

Choose the right fabric for office look for rainy season

It must be a tough decision to make, at least for me it is to decide what to wear semi-formal or strictly formal for office. Whatever you decide to need to understand the right fabric. Now, what fabric really do you need to have:


This is my fav fabric and I will surely recommend it’s perfect for Mumbai monsoon as looks like silk but similar to cotton and linen. It dries quickly if you get drenched and also prevents excessive sweating in humidity. This is one of the best for a rainy day office look.


I know, that Cotton outfits need much maintenance but this is best when comes to climate when you know it can change anytime, and humid condition allows airflow, giving you a cooling effect. Yes, it takes a longer time to dry but with dark shades, you can go ahead and repeat more than once and then wash.

Rainy day office look

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No For Rainy Day Office look

There are certain things which we need to keep in mind and not wear in the rainy season. List a few which will help you select outfits for the office.

No to Denim/Jeans: These are thick fabric and take longer to dry. If you get wet trust me it will be the entire day in the office you have to spend the whole day in those wet jeans. So, no to denim in monsoon for a rainy day office look.

No to salwar and patialas: Now I too love to get dressed in an Indian outfit but in monsoon I usually avoid it. If you really want to wear a suit, avoid salwar/patialas and switch to chudidar or leggings and I will prefer to go with dark colors.

Avoid Duppatas: Some suits really require a dupatta but we can always replace it with strolls or a scarf.

Bandhani is not for rains: Bandhani looks beautiful and adds color to your style but avoid in monsoon as the color really bleeds in rain.

No long skirts and trousers: Well yes a formal look is important but we can go with a pencil skirt / A-line skirt or capris trousers which are trending too.

Big No stylish footwear: You can flaunt stylish footwear like block heels, pencil heels, strapped shoes, and ankle straps in other seasons. In monsoon always go for some comfortable and rainy footwear.

Avoid heavy accessories: Rainy season is not for heavy accessories like rubber bags and funky belts. Keep it minimal and simple with a Jute or cloth bag, and add style with waterproof watches.

So, make your choices carefully and do create a rainy day office look more presentable and feel confident.

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  1. Perfect fashion tips for rainy season, love the practical ideas of wearing easy and convenient clothing.

  2. These are really great tips Ruchi! Perhaps whites can also be avoided in an office atmosphere!

  3. Hey these tips are really useful and I’ll surely keep these in mind. I do avoid long pants, light colours and long skirts during the monsoon and like you mentioned about dark colours I too try to wear it once more and then wash. It helps. Thanks for sharing. ?
    Kim Paradise – MumFLIX

  4. Very useful tips for the monsoon dress up. Jeans is a definite no no . No light coloured or heavy fabrics.

  5. You have combined a great list in this post. Rainy days ahead and certainly some clothing can be difficult in this weather.

  6. great tips, rainy season has started and these tips are very useful to dress up right

  7. Nice post with fab tips of carrying stylish office look in rainy reason. Loved it.

  8. With rainy days already here, this list would help to keep outfits handy. A good compilation.

  9. I completely ignore wearing jeans during the monsoons. Since here in mumbai it takes a lot of time for other materials to dry.

  10. I really like these Rainy day office look ideas.Very stylish.Just right for the season

  11. These are great tips Ruchi, what I like in the post is Don’ts for Monsoon, we all can make few changes in dressing so that we can enjoy Monsoon days.

  12. These are perfect tips for the rainy season. I too give denim a miss and opt for dark colour clothes.

  13. Didn’t know that office wear could be kept so stylish and comfortable so easily even during monsoons. Good tips!

  14. These are some really cool ideas Ruchie. And I have to agree with you on no Bandhani as I remember wearing one in rain and had regretted big time as my white Kurta was completely red due to color bleeding. 🙂

  15. I always follow these tips during rainy days when I am going out. We should be mininal in monsoons

  16. Choosing right cloth material is very important during rainy season. Helpful tips.

  17. Great tips indeeed forofficewear oon a rainy day. I like to wear light fabrics that dry faster.

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