Grow Right tips for healthy growth in children

Grow Right tips for healthy growth in children

As a mother, I have always had a tough time raising my son Viraj. He isn’t just fun-loving and adorable but also notorious and stubborn. Taking care of his diet has been a struggle for me. Be it milk, khichdi, fruits, or introducing him to something new – there has never been a day that I have been able to feed him in peace. I would make him watch peppy nursery rhymes on YouTube, tell stories to thrill him and would put a piece of fruit into his mouth to feed him while he was distracted.

Grow Right

And now as he has turned 4, the struggle has gone a few notches higher. While I am constantly worried about his growth and nutrition, I am running out of ways to make him eat healthily. I search online, take feedback from friends and try all sorts of ideas to make my child eat right. Recently, I was invited to be a part of the launch of Grow Right Campaign by Abbott to support parents in their parenting journey and help children grow to their potential. And to say the least, I am thankful and relieved!

Meet-up with the child growth experts

Grow Right
Grow Right

The event for the launch of Grow Right initiative was a rather educative one, bringing together India’s first-ever Grow Right guild. The panel had child specialist Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, pediatrician Dr. Samir Dalwai, and renowned nutritionist Dr. Dharini Krishnan. The meet-up was graced by celebrity Lara Dutta sharing her experiences of being a mother to a toddler. Together the panel discussed how important it is for the child to have a balanced diet and nutrition for healthy growth and development. The discussion also covered issues of behavioral patterns as well as emotional and mental growth.

I gathered a few points which we as parents must note and take into consideration:

Grow Right

1. It’s important to teach kids what is the right time and the right food to eat. You have to decide what your child should eat but let your child decide how much to eat.
2. Don’t force your kid to finish the entire plate.
3. Eating or finishing a meal in front of the TV should be avoided. You should allow them screen time but keep a time limit for the same.

4. You are their role model. Do what you want them to learn. If you are eating with a mobile on or watching TV or Netflix, they will surely follow the same.

5. Good parenting is not only saying yes to every demand of your kid. There are times when you have to say no to things like junk food and excessive screen time.
6. It is important to add 4 things to a kid’s meal – green vegetables, protein, fruits, and dairy products.

7. Importance of playing outdoor games – let them play in sand, mud, water and allow them to enjoy their childhood rather giving them gadgets and making them sit at home.

Grow Right tips

Grow Right

The Grow Right guidelines unveiled by Abbott is an initiative that has tips across four growth parameters of a child – nutrition, play, nurture, and impact. As part of the Grow Right initiative by Abbott, the tips understand a mom’s concerns about her child’s growth and nutrition and provides sound solutions that help in the current world. From the child’s eating pattern, their behavioral changes, playtime, nutrition for their growth and development – the guidelines cover a series of concerns that is common to all moms. In a world where too much information has spoilt us for choice, the Grow Right guidelines provide credible and reliable information to enrich, nourish and grow our children right.

Dr. Dharini Krishnan mentioned, “These tips aim to help parents to find an effective and right way to engage with kids and help them to Grow Right”.

Guidelines of Grow Right

Grow Right

The Guidelines has laid down tips in the following areas:

Right Nutrition guidelines to help parents better manage mealtimes.

Right Play addresses concerns about inadequate playtime and unchecked screen time

Right Nurture guidelines help with behavioral changes in children.

Right Impact to let parents understand if their children are growing right.

What I learnt regarding screen time for children

I have resorted to giving Viraj access to my phone a lot of times so that he can watch his favorite cartoon characters on the screen and I can feed him on the side. But as the Grow Right event progressed and talked about screen time being a harmful habit for a child’s mental growth – I learned how wrong I have been doing all this time. The event threw light on the problems of malnutrition, eating and behavioral patterns of toddlers citing situations where the children refuse to eat or fail to understand the sensations of hunger and satiety. It emphasized on how screen time of children should be replaced with structured and unstructured playtime to make space for healthy growth and brain development. Further, it also emphasized on ways where mothers can introduce new food items, helping them grow right and inculcate healthy habits.

Attending the Abbott Grow Right event has made me aware of the mistakes I have been making subconsciously. It has also provided me with guidelines so that I can be sure of the right growth of my child.

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71 thoughts on “Grow Right tips for healthy growth in children

  1. I’m right there with you! I can really relate to this post. I have two boys who are picky eaters and it’s so hard to get them the nutrition they need

  2. It seems like you learned a lot from the presentation! Kids really do watch adults every move and pick up all the behaviors that we think of as normal. When they copy, it is always a shock as it is a reflection of our self!
    I looked up khichdi and have never made it before. I will look into the recipe and try it out!

  3. my son used to eat with an ipad or phone because it was easier that way. I can feed them anything while they are distracted. Now that I enforced no electronics during meal time, he can see anything. I even diced the vegetables so small, and he can still see them. lol. But thank you for these reminders. It is important that our kids grow healthy.

  4. I think every parent can relate to this post. It’s so hard to get my kid to eat anything other than mac and cheese or chicken nuggets. Now that he is 8, he is thankfully expanding his pallet and more open to try new things. These are all excellent tips!

  5. Growing right from an early age is the best thing nowadays. It all begins at home. Are you stated a balanced diet and nutrition is more important than ever. Thank you for sharing that amazing post.

  6. This is a great campaign. I am a grandmother to a 3 year old boy who is a picky eater. I have to do more of the things you’ve mentioned here. This is totally different from the time when my children were toddlers. They ate whatever I gave them. But for my grandson, it is the other way around! He would not even touch the veggies and calls them “yucky food.”

  7. I’ve always tried to give healthy foods to my children and I am completely agreed to your point that doesn’t force children to finish their full plate. This post is quite useful for parents.

  8. Such a very informative and helpful article to read. I’ve learned a lot from this and will definitely following those tips and advices.

  9. It is always good to gather more knowledge about raising right and most importantly healthy kids. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Would look forward for more updates.

  10. This is a very informative post, Ruchie. My little one is one such pesky eater and we have learned that it is necessary to discipline his eating habits. Small bites work, but not eating at all does not. Also, his screen time has reduced considerably with diverting his time towards drawing and other activities.

    1. Rohan actually it’s important for us to make sure how we can reduce their screen time and engage them in creative activity!!

  11. I was there at this conference. It was very informational. The pediatrician and the nutritionalist gave quite a lot of in information

  12. I believe, all parents must follow the Grow Right guidelines to ensure overall healthy growth of kids, both physical and mental. This is an informative post and a great initiative from Abbot!

  13. Its such an informed and informative article and the event must be a learning experience ; im glad you shared your knowledge and insight. With us; i so agree that screen time should be controlled especially while eating & more play

  14. Just a statement open for discussion, I know you say screen time is a bad thing. But I have experienced quite the opposit with my little one. He is almost 5, very good at multi-tasking. Teachers at his school are really interested in what after-hour activities we do because he is way ahead of the kids in his class. I believe that screen time – should be applied in the correct manner with the correct content.

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