7 Ways to Protect Your Family in Rainy Season

7 Ways to Protect Your Family in Rainy Season

The romantic rainy season is upon us! This season is pretty fun because it gives you the chance to cuddle with your family, it is the best time to cook something delicious for the kids because they will be staying home all day. It gives a new life to everyone on this planet like plants, animals, trees, human beings, etc. As soon as the rain starts, a different kind of enthusiasm thrills our mind and body and is the most refreshing feeling of all times.

The rainy season is often called “Season of Love”. During this season, you can enjoy a road trip with your partner, enjoy a cup of coffee together, you can dive into some nostalgia and hug each other all day. It is the best season to express your love to your partner.

Apart from this, the rainy season invites a lot of diseases. Many people get sick because of the change in the environment. It is also the season to get stung by the mosquitoes and flies, thus, it becomes very essential to take care of yourself as well as your family during this season. You can make use of Melalite Forte Cream which acts as a skin bleaching agent which will protect you from itching and will remove dark spots.

Here are some other ways that will help you to protect your family on rainy days.

1.        Ask your children to remain healthy in the rainy season

The rainy season is the most loved season for kids too. It is the best season to make childhood memories and have fun but at the same time it brings a lot of diseases and illness, you can ask your kids to drink plenty of water, wash their hands properly, keep their surroundings clean, feed them healthy food and ask for doctor’s advice on getting your kids vaccinated against common illnesses.

2.        Proper Garbage Disposal

It is very crucial to have a proper arrangement for garbage disposal as it is a critical issue because many types of wastes are hazardous to health and can make the environment impure. Before the wet season starts, you must have properly disposed of all your garbage dumps. You should check all the dustbins to make sure nothing is left. You should repeat this process every single day.

3.        Check the Water Drainage

A drainage system requires proper maintenance during the rainy season.  Mosquitoes are our biggest enemy during this season. You should make sure that there is no stagnant water where mosquitoes can start to breed. Water coolers and water containers should be emptied to ensure the lower chances of mosquito breeding. We should be very careful to avoid malaria and dengue cases.

4.        Keep yourself clean

To avoid illness, you must start with your own body. You should ask your kids and other members to wash their hands regularly with antiseptic handwash. Hands should be washed properly whenever you come from outside because they may carry disease-causing germs that may make you sick. Germs and viruses can be easily passed on during this weather so it becomes essential to keep your body clean.

5.        Drink Clean Water

Drinking contaminated water can cause cholera, diarrhea etc to which children are more prone than adults. You should drink clean filtered water that will prevent such diseases. It is also beneficial to drink boiled water during this season to immune your digestive system and to kill the bacteria present in the water. It also improves the blood circulation and will detox your body from toxins.

6.        Check your roof

Roof leaks and drips are the most frequent problems that we encounter during the rainy season. You should check your roof before it starts. It may happen that we don’t notice this problem until it happens. It is good to be prepared beforehand and to know the services and materials you will need for your roof. You should not care about the cost as long as it is for the safety of your family.

7.        Check your electrical wiring

This is the season where most of the power-cuts and short circuit takes place. You should not avoid power outages during this season. You must check all the electric wires at your place. Make sure that there are no open switches and plugs and always have an extra emergency light. You can also take help of electrician just to ensure everything is okay.

The rainy season has its different essence, you should not worry about being so cautious all the time but it is very important to enjoy the season as you have waited for it for so long.  But it is better to take precautionary measures for your kids and family. Follow these guidelines and enjoy your rainy days!

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44 thoughts on “7 Ways to Protect Your Family in Rainy Season

  1. Thanks for sharing this, the post is very helpful. Of course, we all love the rainy season and kids too, and precaution is really important because there is a lot of stagnant water, which causes mosquitoes. Let’s follow these ways to protect our family and at the same time enjoy the season too.

  2. No doubt we all love monsoon thy bring smile & a warm feeling of being in different world & yes at the same time we really need to take the precautions for this season ty for sharing the mandatory tips to be followed… Nice post Ty for sharing.

  3. Rainy season though so romantic and enjoyable is not without its share of hazards. It pays to take precautions and especially for children. You have provided some really sensible and practical pointers to stay safe during the rains.

  4. these are some great tips..as you mentioned it precaution is really important and one should not ignore it.i have a little toddler and this post acts as a reminder for me to be cautcious and act right

  5. These are very essential pointers to keep in mind during the rainy season seriously, because its very important during rainy season we dont fall sick ! Otherwise because of the cold everyone can fall sick !

  6. I agree with each point. Yes Rainy season is about to begin and we love rains however the moisture in the air is something which may lead to some major health issues.

  7. Ruchi, you have mentioned every possibility to be taken care of in this rainy season. I focus on healthy eating and no outside food but keeping check on electric wiring was not on my list. Thanks for such excellent crafted post.

  8. Rainy seasons are no doubt romantic but are also a season of change. Thanks for these helpful tips to keep our family protected and safe during the time. I think we should also keep a track of what we are eating because food gets contaminated fast during the monsoons.

  9. These are some very helpful tips. I make sure to follow Proper Garbage Disposal and take regular care to Check the Water Drainage. Thanks for sharing additional tips.

  10. Wow you have covered even basic things. I agree hygiene is so important and eating outside food is a big no. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

  11. Rainy season is a time to protect kids from germs and also let them enjoy the season. You shared some nice tips for kids.

  12. Extremely handy tips. Especially for a place like Mumbai that gets heavy rains but lets face it, Mumbai is not clean. So one has to be very careful about illnesses and infections in the monsoons here.

  13. Those are some practical and much needed tips for the raining season… And proper garbage disposal is a must!

  14. This is a really helpful article to help protect our families during the monsoons. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  15. Everyone talks about staying clean and healthy, drinking clean water and eating nutritious food but nobody shares these extra tips that you kindly shared here

  16. Rainy season can be all fun and no worries if we know which preventive measures to take and are well-prepared. These are some good pointers to keep in mind.

  17. As much as we all love rains, there are quite a handful woes of the rainy season too. Glad to know that you have covered even the minute details of rain check here in this post.

  18. These are some very useful points you have mentioned. Monsoon though a beautiful season calls for many diseases. We got to take many precautions to maintain hygiene and good health

  19. Rain water carries bacteria and germs. So the needful protection had to be taken for the safety of our family.

  20. Oh, how I love the rains. I love the weather, the smell, the wind, everything about the rainy season. But of course, in this excitement we often overlook such important things! Thank you for sharing this list!

  21. I am so glad I came across this post just when monsoon is beginning to come in Mumbai. Thanks for these tips, will make sure I make use of these for a happy monsoon experience.

  22. These are so important things to keep in mind during monsoons. Also I have noticed people staying in the outskirts of city complaining about snakes coming out from the lawns or open areas. Maybe keep the numbers of concerned authorities handy in such cases.

  23. I never thought of checking the roof and the electrical wirings in my home… That’s an amazing tip! Thank you for sharing the tips with us!

  24. Very helpful post.. Good points to keep in mind in this weather. Definitely one thing we tend to overlook is garbage management… Great call out

  25. Some very basic yet the main way to prevent oneself during rainy season. We often neglect these basic things and get ill.

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