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National Senior Citizen's Day

National Senior Citizen’s day recently, I learned about a special day which is celebrated every year on 21st August.
One who worked for us full life and at this age when they called Senior Citizens to need more care and help.

To my surprise, we all start sharing about valentine’s day, father’s day, and all other days week or months before on social media. I felt bad for myself too that I didn’t even know about this day.

When did Senior Citizen’s day start?

In 1990, December 14th it was first proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Officially founded by Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States.

“For all that, they have achieved throughout their lives and for all that they continue to do, we owe our gratitude and sincere greetings to our senior citizens. We can show our gratitude and appreciation better by making sure our communities are good places. Age and maturity, places where older people can participate as much as possible and find the encouragement, acceptance, support and services they need to continue living a life of independence and dignity.

Ronald Reagan said, in his Presidential Proclamation

Why important to celebrate?

This day is usually celebrated to spread awareness about the issues and factors that really affect our beloved older people. Not only this, but it is also a day to value and recognize of these elder people and acknowledge them for their all hard work towards their life, home, and society

I feel blessed and happy when I see myself surrounded by these more knowledgeable people who learned from their life experiences.

I feel disappointed that I was not aware of this day but other hand feels happy that blessed with elder people at home. Their presence matters a lot.

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How to celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day?

We can spread the virus, virus of a smile. Try to spend time with elder people at home and if you can visit volunteer to retirement homes or old age homes and meet them who may not get visitors.

You will surely not return empty hand but full with more values of life, stories of their learnings and more knowledgable person.

I have missed many National Senior Citizen’s days but I promise to share more about them through this series on SENIOR CITIZENS.

Have you ever celebrated this day? Do let me know in the comment box below!!

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  1. Never knew about this Ruchie. Though we do celebrate grandparents day now after my child is born. Similar feelings. But rest mass of elders does deserve a special day too.

  2. Mujhe pata hi nahi tha ki senior citizen day bhi hota hai , ye to bahut acchi baat hai ??

  3. I love ur attitude of gratitude. We should always spread the virus of smile and thats the best thing senior citizens want. Infact your time too. They love it when people sit by them and listen to their tales. Needles to say, they are a great source of knowledge.

  4. I had no idea about the National Senior Citizens Day. Seniors need to be celebrated every day. I am lucky to be living with my mom.

  5. This sounds like a must have cards for all seniors, I shall talk about it with my parents and in laws

  6. This is something very new to me, had no idea about this day, thanks for writing about it and educating us, Ruchi

  7. Senior citizens deserve respect and a special day to celebrate their joy. Great read

  8. Did not there is a senior citizen day but yes, it would be lovely to create a community around and for them. Thanks for bringing this to light Ruchi.

  9. Your post brought in new found information and am i glad!would love to celebrate them and with them. Great

    1. So happy that I can do a bit for them!!

  10. I had no idea about it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope awareness is created around it and they are treated with love and respect.

    1. Yes Prerna Need to be taken care properly !!

  11. I wasn’t aware of the National Senior Citizen’s Day up until I stumbled upon your post. It was quite helpful.

  12. Just loved the post

    A best way to give our regards to our elders

  13. Never knew there exists such day! Thanks for this. Marked my calendar and will surely celebraate. Great way to spread happiness and cheer up old souls.

  14. I love the post

    Whatever we dofor elders makes us better human

  15. I also didnt know about it . Thanks . Our senior citizens are our asset and we should celebrate them.

  16. Honestly I wasn’t aware about this but now I know 🙂

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