AToZ #FashionVogue

AToZ #FashionVogue

March 3, 2018 26 By Ruchi Verma

Just a month to go and then biggest writing challenge is going, to begin with, Blogchatter and I have decided my theme to for this year’s AToZ challenge. 

I started my journey as a blogger with a simple goal to learn more while I share more with my readers, friends, and co-bloggers. Trust me I have really gained more and more every passing day. 

Blogging has not only give me more confidence but also connected me to wonderful communities and people around the globe. When I started blogging my thought was to just share my learnings and learn but now I realize that blogging is really much more than simply putting your thoughts to the world.

When I got connected with Blogchattter I used to wait for weekly prompts and write about it and then I got to know about AToZ Challenge which used to happen every year in the month of April.

What is AToZ Challenge?

In wiggling words if I want to explain this, it’s a challenge to write 26 posts with 26 alphabets with every Sunday a family day i.e. no blogging take rest, read, think and write again next week. I really loved the concept and participated twice and after successfully completing Blogchatter published ebooks to all those who wished for and so mine is also published COLORS OF PARENTING

What I learned from AToZ

  1. Register for AtoZ if only you can commit to writing without giving up.
  2. Decide the theme
  3. Pre-plan and schedule your posts
  4. Write what you feel good about your blog
  5. It’s a simple challenge but definitely will give you learning to be dedicated.

My dad always said, “Keep climbing ladder but make sure you should be well prepared to step ahead else you will be back to the first one”.

AToZ is serious that one challenge where you need to be active, planned, dedicated and above all gives you visibility and growth as a blogger.

AToZ Challenge #FashionVogue

So, as I mentioned I have decided my first step “THEME for AToZ challenge” and here

Wigglingpen presents



This is going to bring out some amazing journey to fashion where you will see AToZ looks with wigglingpen.

My first step is done and I’m excited to start scheduling my posts. Have you registered, decided theme or not …if not, do it right away.

” I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you? “

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