Lady Raga -March2018

Lady Raga -March2018

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This entire month is of the festival starting with holi and then women’s day, something I love about March is you get more time to pamper yourself and so this March when I received my Lady Raga- March 2018 bag I was really thrilled and excited to see it. 

A bag full of self-pampering products which are worth trying and grabbing. 

The first thing which I got chance to select from the options which bag I would prefer and I selected Mustard Faux Leather Sling. I feel so good about my selection after it arrived.

Lady Raga -March2018

The bag is as expected as it is, perfect for carrying your important stuff while traveling or shopping. Loved the texture of leather and quality.

Inside this bag worth Rs. 300/- there were the quality of products

  1. Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip color Sugar Plum.
  2. Generic 1PC black Collagen Crystal Lip Mask.
  3. Beauty Stone Bracelet.
  4. Roots & herbs shwet Chandan & saffron shower gel.
  5. Fuschia Basil and cucumber skin Soother.

1. LADY RAGA- MARCH 2018: Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip color Sugar Plum 

Lady Raga -March2018

I am really fond of lip colors and this “Sugar Plum” comes in Rasberry shade and most Indian tones are very much compatible with this shade. Pigmentation is good with a smooth texture which glides easily even on dry lips.

The best part is it has a creamy texture and moisturizes lips when it’s on. It’s packing is very sleek with transparent glass cap but lipstick doesn’t go fully in so it sometimes touches the cap. 

It lasts for max 5 hours with your meals and drinks on. 

Price: Rs 1196/-

2. Lady Raga – March 2018: Generic 1PC black Collagen Crystal Lip Mask

Lady Raga -March2018

Something I have never tried till now but really looking forward trying and feel do it will work. It claims that it will maintain the mucosal tissues of the lips, the same with the skin, the stratum corneum, sebum line, so the lips are actually very fragile to be extra protected. 

I still have to use it and feel the result. 

Price: Rs 588/-

3. Lady Raga – March 2018: Beauty Stone Bracelet.

Lady Raga -March2018

Like every woman even I love accessories and this kind of jewelry and this is something really worth I feel as it matches to one of my dress for which I was looking for something exactly like this.

Price: Rs 425/-

4. Lady Raga – March 2018: Roots & herbs shwet Chandan & saffron shower gel.Lady Raga -March2018

With key ingredients like Gokhre & Bala which prevents the effects of pre radicals on the skin and Neem & Aloe Vera with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties, this feels best in the bag.

Saffron is also added ingredients and it’s quality of skin brightening effect even Sandalwood will sure helps in having a calming & cooling effect on the skin.

Best to have this in summer for cooling and perfect skin as it suits all skin types.

Price: Rs 450/- for 50 ml

5. Lady Raga – March 2018: Fuschia Basil and cucumber skin Soother

which Lady Raga -March2018

This product comes as in surprise for me and I liked this because of its ingredients which is Aloe pulp bases gel enriched with herbs & essential oils.

It has great effects in Soothing, Hydrating & toning skin.

Total value of this bag is worth Rs. 2,959/- which you could get in just 555/- Rs with March subscription from Lady Raga

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  1. Wow I loved the Fuschia Basil and cucumber soother, quite interesting. Defiantly giving this one a try for myself.

  2. Wow this bag has some really good and versatile products. Perfect for self gifting. 😉

  3. What a wonderful beauty bag this is.. with so many fab things. Would love to try one for myself.

  4. Lovely bag yaar I wish to own one

  5. All the products look great. I loved the stone bracelet the most.

  6. Lady raga is an amazing Subscription bag! Love the bracelet, the roots and herbs shower gel and the lip mask! Do try it and let us know how it works!

  7. I Used ti buy ladyraga bag, and havent in a while! The products look amazing, espcially the sling

  8. I like the bag .. The product inside are also awesome.. Will checvk out the website to order one for me as well.

  9. Wow, I loved the bracelet and the plum lip colour, seems a lovely bag.

  10. The contents of the bag are really cool. I think very convenient for ladies

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