Lady Raga -March2018

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This entire mon­th is of the fes­ti­val start­ing with holi and then women’s day, some­thing I love about March is you get more time to pam­per your­self and so this March when I received my Lady Raga- March 2018 bag I was real­ly thrilled and excit­ed to see it. 

A bag full of self-pam­per­ing prod­ucts which are worth try­ing and grab­bing. 

The first thing which I got chance to select from the options which bag I would prefer and I select­ed Mus­tard Faux Leather Sling. I feel so good about my selec­tion after it arrived.

Lady Raga -March2018

The bag is as expect­ed as it is, per­fect for car­ry­ing your impor­tant stuff while trav­el­ing or shop­ping. Loved the tex­ture of leather and qual­i­ty.

Inside this bag worth Rs. 300/- there were the qual­i­ty of prod­ucts

  1. Jor­dana Easy Shine Glossy Lip col­or Sug­ar Plum.
  2. Gener­ic 1PC black Col­la­gen Crys­tal Lip Mask.
  3. Beau­ty Stone Bracelet.
  4. Roots & herbs shwet Chan­dan & saf­fron show­er gel.
  5. Fuschia Basil and cucum­ber skin Soother.

1. LADY RAGA- MARCH 2018: Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip color Sugar Plum 

Lady Raga -March2018

I am real­ly fond of lip col­ors and this “Sug­ar Plum” comes in Ras­ber­ry shade and most Indi­an tones are very much com­pat­i­ble with this shade. Pig­men­ta­tion is good with a smooth tex­ture which glides eas­i­ly even on dry lips.

The best part is it has a creamy tex­ture and mois­tur­izes lips when it’s on. It’s pack­ing is very sleek with trans­par­ent glass cap but lip­stick doesn’t go ful­ly in so it some­times touch­es the cap. 

It lasts for max 5 hours with your meals and drinks on. 

Price: Rs 1196/-

2. Lady Raga — March 2018: Generic 1PC black Collagen Crystal Lip Mask

Lady Raga -March2018

Some­thing I have nev­er tried till now but real­ly look­ing for­ward try­ing and feel do it will work. It claims that it will main­tain the mucos­al tis­sues of the lips, the same with the skin, the stra­tum corneum, sebum line, so the lips are actu­al­ly very frag­ile to be extra pro­tect­ed. 

I still have to use it and feel the result. 

Price: Rs 588/-

3. Lady Raga — March 2018: Beauty Stone Bracelet.

Lady Raga -March2018

Like every wom­an even I love acces­sories and this kind of jew­el­ry and this is some­thing real­ly worth I feel as it match­es to one of my dress for which I was look­ing for some­thing exact­ly like this.

Price: Rs 425/-

4. Lady Raga — March 2018: Roots & herbs shwet Chandan & saffron shower gel.Lady Raga -March2018

With key ingre­di­ents like Gokhre & Bala which pre­vents the effects of pre rad­i­cals on the skin and Neem & Aloe Vera with anti-inflam­ma­to­ry & anti-oxi­dant prop­er­ties, this feels best in the bag.

Saf­fron is also added ingre­di­ents and it’s qual­i­ty of skin bright­en­ing effect even San­dal­wood will sure helps in hav­ing a calm­ing & cool­ing effect on the skin.

Best to have this in sum­mer for cool­ing and per­fect skin as it suits all skin types.

Price: Rs 450/- for 50 ml

5. Lady Raga — March 2018: Fuschia Basil and cucumber skin Soother

which Lady Raga -March2018

This pro­duct comes as in sur­prise for me and I liked this because of its ingre­di­ents which is Aloe pulp bases gel enriched with herbs & essen­tial oils.

It has great effects in Sooth­ing, Hydrat­ing & ton­ing skin.

Total val­ue of this bag is worth Rs. 2,959/- which you could get in just 555/- Rs with March sub­scrip­tion from Lady Raga

© Ruchie Ver­ma.

Dis­claimer: The prod­ucts are PR sam­ples, pro­vid­ed for hon­est feed­back and review. The details men­tioned in the post are true to author’s knowl­edge and for infor­ma­tion pur­pose ONLY. Unau­tho­rized use and/or dupli­ca­tion of this mate­ri­al with­out express and writ­ten per­mis­sion from this site’s author and/or own­er is strict­ly pro­hib­it­ed. Excerpts and links may be used, pro­vid­ed that full and clear cred­it is given to Ruchie Ver­ma (Wig­gling­Pen) with appro­pri­ate and speci­fic direc­tion to the orig­i­nal con­tent.





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  1. Wow I loved the Fuschia Basil and cucum­ber soother, quite inter­est­ing. Defi­ant­ly giv­ing this one a try for myself.

  2. Wow this bag has some real­ly good and ver­sa­tile prod­ucts. Per­fect for self gift­ing. 😉

  3. What a won­der­ful beau­ty bag this is.. with so many fab things. Would love to try one for myself.

  4. Love­ly bag yaar I wish to own one

  5. Deepa

    All the prod­ucts look great. I loved the stone bracelet the most.

  6. Mrinal

    Lady raga is an amaz­ing Sub­scrip­tion bag! Love the bracelet, the roots and herbs show­er gel and the lip mask! Do try it and let us know how it works!

  7. I Used ti buy ladyra­ga bag, and havent in a while! The prod­ucts look amaz­ing, esp­cial­ly the sling

  8. I like the bag .. The pro­duct inside are also awe­some.. Will checvk out the web­site to order one for me as well.

  9. Wow, I loved the bracelet and the plum lip colour, seems a love­ly bag.

  10. The con­tents of the bag are real­ly cool. I think very con­ve­nient for ladies

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