Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing on

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The time has gone when brides pre­ferred only red or maroon or magen­ta. Now it’s time to try some cool lehen­ga col­or which will bring fresh­ness to the wed­ding sea­son.

The wed­ding is all about a beau­ti­ful bride who looks stun­ning and fab­u­lous among all and is the eye can­dy of the occa­sion. Since the wed­ding is some­thing most await­ed by every girl, it is seen that things are chang­ing a lot the­se days.

Apart from wed­ding, there are var­i­ous oth­er events which just call for a styl­ish lehen­ga that will bring the best out of any­one. Since fash­ion is ever-chang­ing the­se days so it is also very impor­tant to see whether the trend for lehen­ga is still the same or is chang­ing.

With time, we can see that how girls are impro­vis­ing the tra­di­tion­al lehen­ga look with var­i­ous chic and ele­gant ways that are not only fab­u­lous but also out­stand­ing­ly beau­ti­ful.

Be it a par­ty wear lehen­ga or a mar­riage lehen­ga, girls are now chang­ing the way they flaunt­ed a lehen­ga before and it’s worth watch­ing the cre­ativ­i­ty and style.

If you are some­one who too likes to do an exper­i­ment then below are six pret­ty lehen­ga col­ors which you can die for:

  • Blue lehenga:

    Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing on

    A blue lehen­ga was some­thing no one ever tried of wear­ing to any mar­riage or fam­i­ly func­tion. But what we can see is that a blue lehen­ga has stolen hearts when it is per­fect worn with acces­sories and matched with oth­er out­fits flaw­less­ly.
    There are dif­fer­ent shades of blue which can be picked based on the dif­fer­ent occa­sion and will also make sure that you find what you are seek­ing with the vari­ants of blue for all your moods. 

  • Gold lehenga:

    Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing onGold is always the col­or for every aus­pi­cious occa­sion and if it is a mar­riage or a fam­i­ly func­tion, a gold lehen­ga will do the job. Gold is a very ele­gant col­or which also has a rich look at the same time. It total­ly depends on how you design your lehen­ga.


  • Purple lehenga:Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing on

    Those who have a bold side to reveal pur­ple is the col­or. Pur­ple lehen­ga is a smart pick if you want to add fun and thrill to any event. 
    It is a vibrant col­or which is just per­fect for a lehen­ga and will also bring out your inner hid­den beau­ty. If you want you can pair it with a light-toned blouse or you can also sport pur­ple blouse which will make it more intense.

  • Orange lehenga:Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing on

    A bright yet bold col­or is what orange looks like. It is a per­fect choice for a bride but if you are a brides­maid or a guest then also an orange lehen­ga will be your friend. Pair it nice­ly with min­i­mal jew­el­ry and you are par­ty ready.

  • Ivory lehenga:

    Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing onIvory or white as many of you say can be a smart option for lehen­ga. It is a roy­al thing that you can expe­ri­ence with ivory lehen­ga because it is sub­tle and ele­gant which is what roy­al is all about. With some flo­ral print and oth­er art­work, a sim­ple ivory lehen­ga could become a design­er piece with the best to bring out of you.

  • Mint green lehenga:Six pretty lehenga colours we are crushing on

    Mint green is the col­or that you might have spot­ted many brides are opt­ing. This col­or has a sooth­ing effect on the eyes and is a mag­ic to any event. With gold zari work or oth­er thread work, a mint green lehen­ga is all that you need to look dif­fer­ent from all.

 The above col­or options for lehen­ga choli are just amaz­ing to know because they are sim­ply awe­some. If you are con­fused about what col­or is in trend then you can fol­low the above list and you will be able to find the right col­or for you. 

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  1. Oh I am in love with all the designs. Spe­cial­ly the Mind green Lehn­ga — Dil le gaya.

  2. Deepika Verma

    I am tempt­ed to grab them all… spe­cial­ly the blue one is so pret­ty

  3. I am tempt­ed to grab them all… spe­cial­ly the blue one is so pret­ty

  4. Papri Ganguly

    The pur­ple lahen­ga is at its best. Love it.


    Real­ly I too bored see­ing red lehen­gas and I real­ly loved all the lehen­gas men­tioned here. Espe­cial­ly blue one

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