Ruling Out Thyroweight

What is Thyroid?

The thy­roid is a small, but­ter­fly-shaped gland in the neck. Thy­roid hor­mones con­trol metab­o­lism, growth, body tem­per­a­ture, mus­cle strength and the health of your heart and oth­er vital organs.

Types Of Thy­roid

Hypothy­roidism- A con­di­tion in which the thy­roid gland pro­duces lesser than the required quan­ti­ty of thy­roid hor­mone. This is one of the most com­mon endocrine dis­or­ders across the globe. Peo­ple in the 35+ age group are more prone to this dis­or­der.

Hyper­thy­roidism-  A con­di­tion in which exces­sive thy­roid hor­mone is pro­duced.

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What is Thyroweight?

In lay­man term, due to thy­roid dis­or­ders gain of weight is what we term as throw-weight. I have one close friend she once men­tioned that she got diag­nosed thy­roid dys­func­tion. I was lit­er­ary unaware of what exact­ly she is talk­ing about. Lat­er years when some­one in my fam­i­ly diag­nosed with same I real­ly thought to check on what exact­ly it is all about.

A wom­an is a pow­er of sub­stance and pil­lar of every fam­i­ly and most neglect­ed mem­ber not of oth­ers but her­self. As a moth­er, sis­ter, daugh­ter and above all wom­en you should be tak­ing more pre­cau­tion about your­self and your health.

Thy­roweight is most com­mon in wom­an with 35+ age group and is more prone.

Symptoms not to ignore for Ruling Out Thyroweight

Feel­ing lazy, fatigue, lethar­gy, weight gain, con­sti­pa­tion, and hair fall are the com­mon symp­toms of Hypothy­roidism. If you expe­ri­ence one or more of the­se symp­toms espe­cial­ly weight gain, get your­self checked imme­di­ate­ly.

Con­sult your doc­tor and get a sim­ple TSH (The Thy­roid func­tion test) test.

To sum up, one should get checked for thy­roid if:

  1. You are above 35
  2. Have an autoim­mune dis­ease e.g. Dia­betes
  3. The fam­i­ly his­to­ry of thy­roid dis­or­der.
  4. Have thy­roid surgery.
  5. If preg­nant

Get thy­roid checked with a sim­ple test and live life to the fullest. Thy­roid dis­or­der, if not cur­able can be com­plete­ly brought under con­trol with a sim­ple pill and reg­u­lar check-ups.

Some Myths:

  1. The only wom­an can have thy­roid
    Fact: Wom­an have high­er chances, it could be a male mem­ber of the fam­i­ly too.
  2. Thy­roid patients with obe­si­ty can­not lose weight
    Fact: It can cause some weight but does not cause obe­si­ty
  3. Once you get thy­roid dys­func­tion, it is forever
    Fact: Hypothy­roidism can­not be cured but it can be treat­ed and in most peo­ple can be com­plete­ly con­trolled.

I have a very close rel­a­tive who is under­go­ing this prob­lem for years and suf­fered a lot because of this Thy­roweight but she has not given up. Just get­ting checked on time with right med­ica­tion she is now lead­ing an exem­plary life among us. She is run­ning her own cook­ing class­es and had so many gold­en feath­ers in her cap with her tal­ent leav­ing behind this lit­tle prob­lem by hav­ing right med­ica­tion.

On 15th Jan 2018, J. W.Marriot host­ed blog­gers meet to cre­ate aware­ness about Thy­roweight #rule­out­Thy­roweight, wig­gling­pen was part of this event and learned so much about this prob­lem and solu­tion.

Dr. Shehla Shaikh, enlight­ened us with facts and fig­ures that how we can take con­trol on our Thy­roweight by sim­ple things and life to fullest.Ruling Out Thyroweight

She men­tioned few things to be con­sid­ered on your end:

  1. If you feel any such symp­toms don’t ignore vis­it doc­tor, it’s a sim­ple test get it done.
  2. Take med­ica­tion on time as the doc­tor pre­scribed.
  3. Make sure you don’t sip your med­i­ci­nes.
  4. Get rechecked and test­ed again as per doctor’s advice.
  5. Be self­ish and take out some time for your­self.
  6. Avoid cru­cif­er­ous veg­eta­bles if you have a thy­roid prob­lem.

Apart from this Bol­ly­wood Diva Miss India 1984 Juhi Chawla, tak­en up this cam­paign and shared her expe­ri­ence how her elder sis­ter, her bet­ter half Mr.Jay Mehta and her father in law have the same prob­lem but right med­i­cine on right time is mak­ing their life more beau­ti­ful and hap­pen­ing.

Ruling Out Thyroweight

She even men­tioned that she apart from the­se very close peo­ple in her own staff her hair styl­ist also suf­fers from Hypothy­roid and one sim­ple med­ica­tion has changed everyone’s life.

Juhi shared her mantra of life “ Jaan hai toh Jahan hai” and I too believe yes, we should take care of our­selves, be self­ish so that we can take care of those whom we love and care for.

Ruling Out Thyroweight

A glimpse of the event:

Ruling Out Thyroweight

Ruling Out Thyroweight

Ruling Out Thyroweight

Dis­claimer: I attend­ed a dis­cus­sion on thy­roid aware­ness facil­i­tat­ed by Abbott India Lim­it­ed. Any opin­ion expressed in this blog is my per­son­al opin­ion and not the opin­ion of Abbott India Lim­it­ed. Abbott India Lim­it­ed does not assume any lia­bil­i­ty for the con­tent of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replace­ment for a doc­tor con­sul­ta­tion, nor is it a med­ical rec­om­men­da­tion or pre­scrip­tion of treat­ment for peo­ple hav­ing thy­roid prob­lems. Any read­er of this blog suf­fer­ing from thy­roid prob­lems should specif­i­cal­ly con­sult his/her doc­tor for the same and fol­low the sug­gest­ed course of treat­ment.

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