Anarkali fashion holds value from ages

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Anarkali fashion holds a value for ages and this dress is one of the most loved and amazing for every girl and fits for any occasion.
If we check the history of Anarkali, it started or say originated from Mughal era. Named after a great courtesan of Akbar’s emperor Anarkali. It is made up of long, floor-length frock style top, with Chudidar and dupatta.
I learned Kathak dance and remember that when we used to have a dance performance on stage we always used to dress up in this outfit, and now it’s more than dance costume and turned into fashion.

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This is one such ethnic dress of Indian culture which symbolizes a rich and ancient history.

Type of Anarkali

Today every woman especially in India can’t deny that they don’t like or don’t have at least one piece of this beautiful outfit. It comes in a various variety of colors, fabric and even price.

Floor length Anarkali:

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You will never miss a chance to be center of attraction of any gathering with simple plain Anarkali dress. There are so many different styles available which fits for any occasion.

Angarkha style Anarkali.

When I was in hostel one of a friend from Rajasthan she always has a good collection of angarkha suits which I really liked and now the same style you can find in Anarkali suits too.

Source: Pinterest

Jacket Style Anarkali

Well, now if you don’t want to carry a dupatta this style is definitely going to be your best choice. Style it with  the good stylish jacket will sure add the essence of style and elegance.

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Cape style Anarkali

This is new and latest to the collection which must be tried out … Wear it with pants and flaunt.


Anarkali with Skirt or Lehnga

This is not important that it only to be styled with pants or chudidar, pair it with Lehnga or skirt to add one more ethnic look.

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Starting from a minimum range of 350/- Rs till thousands this piece of fashion is the soul of every occasion.
Even most of Bollywood actresses from my all time fav Madhuri Dixit to Shilpa Shetty can be spotted in this outfit.

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I too love flaunting in Anarkali sometime as I love the style and Indian touch.

So next time you wonder what to wear for any occasion this is the best choice.

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  1. The Anarkali is one elegant outfit that suits all body types. It’s a saviour you can’t go wrong with. That is a great picture of you and your husband, Ruchi. You look lovely!

    1. Thanks Mayuri !!

  2. Create ripples with flowy Anarkali suit sets. Anarkali suits have always complimented the eternal beauty of Indian women since the Mughal era. Long pleats that flare around the legs like an umbrella were considered the perfect umbrella dresses for grand performances at ceremonies from the 16th to 18th century. The latest Anarkali suits, also popularly known as the empire waistline, have found admirers along its journey in every era. The designer Anarkali dresses were revived in the 20th century. It is this timelessness that makes the latest Anarkali suit design a must-have in your closet.

    1. Agreed …. Romila !!

  3. So good to read about anarkalis. I love wearing them at weddings 🙂

    1. I too love wearing them on special occasion

  4. I loved this newest addition to the Anarakali style…cape Anarkali! Feels like a fusion wear.

    1. I too loved this new addition !!

  5. This is lovely fashion style that I would love to flaunt anyday any-time. Did not know such details about it.

    1. Thanks for liking the details about the fashion of Anarkali!!

  6. Anarkali is a great outfit. Loved going through the different styles.

    1. Yeah it is ..I love wearing them too

  7. I love anarkali. Especially loved the jacket one.

    1. Yeah..Thankss ..jacket one adds style!!

  8. I had an Anarkali suit which although quit heavy I would love to wear at every occassion.
    I recently bought another one which I wear as a dress. LOL.
    Loved reading this post. Look forward to the series ahead. (Already wondering what’s coming up for B. Bandhgala? Bandhini? Bangles?)

    1. Ya actually it can be wore as one piece as looks very stylish and trendy

  9. Anarkali is one of my favourite styles and I love all my anarkali suits. Good to know more through your posts. Happy A to Z Ruchi!

    1. Thanks for liking this Deepa

  10. Anarkali is my fav one too..You are looking so beautiful in that white Anarkali…

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂

  11. I love anarkalis.. Your white one looks super elegant

    1. Thanks Sabeeka!!

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  13. You’ve showcased some lovely Anarkalis.

    1. Thanks for hopping and liking the post !!

  14. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    They are so fashionable. I have get some good ideas wearing anarkali, especially with skirt. I must try them.

    1. Oh you must try with skirt and do share pic with us on SM

  15. It’s always good to have atleast one in your closet !!

  16. Anarkali are never out of fashion. Personally, I have never tried Cape style Anarkali till now, but it looks amazing. And you are looking lovely in the pic. 🙂

    1. Thanks for liking this.. Cape style is just awesome must try!!

  17. Anarkali has its own significant from mughal era to new age. But I believe that it is one of graceful attire after Saree.

  18. I used to love wearing the Anarkali a lot. Then had so many in my wardrobe and it took so much space that I got hassled with the maintenance. So just gave away to my cousin. But after reading this post, I think I might just get one back.

    1. I have 4-5 and always love should surely get one back again

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