Gleam and glint like princess of dream with Gown

What comes to your mind when you hear word GOWN? I always feel like some Disney princess walking down to the staircase with elegance and pride. 

This fashion is not only carried well with Disney characters but real life too.

From 18th century American colonies women wore gowns and there were so many types of gown available. 

I remember once watching on the history channel, about English gowns I learned about the ball gown which used to be a full skirt supported by a petticoat, a tight waist achieved by a corset or bodice with a stay to keep the perfect posture, off the shoulder style and with bare arms. 

It used to be heavy but carried with so much grace and elegance. Now when this style and fashion gown is carried over across the globe in weddings, functions, and parties, let me share varieties of gowns.

1. Mermaid Style gown:

Be it any party or evening fun and you want to carry something with style and can show your curves with elegance. Mermaid style is best to be center of attraction.

Mermaid evening gowns follow your silhouette to the mid-thigh or calf and then flare out at the bottom. 

2. A-Line gowns:

These are most popular fashion and party wear among youngster and look very pretty if you can carry it well. Narrow on top and wider towards the bottom and enhance any type of body. 

3. Trumpet Gown

Much popular in fashion this style carried by many Bollywood celebrities too on the red carpet.

All pic source: Google

Which kind of Gown you love to wear and flaunt.


In pics: Roli & Srishti

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  1. My daughter all but 10, is a gown fan! She has gown for every reason and every season. Whenever there is a party, her choice will be gown!
    My choice of gown is A line as it gives me more comfort and ease to move around.

  2. I like A-line gowns a lot. I have quite a few in my wardrobe. Makes me look a bit taller too.

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