Bohemian fashion is new trend to be stylish

Bohemian fashion is new trend to be stylish

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Wow!! After being ethnic with Anarkali, time to share Bohemian fashion which is a new trend in the country.
This is actually a very old dressing style and culture from 1830’s from France after the French revolution. Started again with a style this is most trendy in today’s dressing style.

What is exactly Bohemian fashion?

In wiggling words if I have to explain what exactly Bohemian fashion is, I would say:

  1. Made of natural fabric, loose and flowing clothing.
  2. The layering of clothes.
  3. Wearing colorful scarfs in place of a belt, around the neck and even on the head.
  4. Hat to make it look more trendy.
  5. Add as many as old kind of silver jewelry from bangles, nose pin, payal or neckpiece.
  6. Go ahead and wear and style in loose tunics, pants, trousers, sandals and even boots.
  7. Mismatching in the nontraditional matter.
  8. Go with Paisley, flowered fabrics, ruffles, lace edged sleeves
  9. Hoop earrings or long round dandles.
  10. Be free and be careless that’s all Bohemian.

Bohemian fashion is all about being yourself, and say no to what the designers recommend. It is to wear something unique, far from what people wear, something that makes you feel good.
You could be designed by yourself just pick up old clothes, curtains, pillowcases, jewelry making and sew a new dress Bohemian style for yourself

Some Bohemian style

Bohemian fashion is new trend to be stylish
Source: Google
Bohemian fashion is new trend to be stylish
Source: Google

Are you ready to flaunt in your care free style and look trendy with your new Bohemian look? Do let me know in comment section below.

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  1. I have a soft spot towards Bohemian Fashion.

  2. Bohemian fashion is trending now and the way You have written is so good. I have a plan to follow your tips to create such look.

  3. Great post, Ruchi! Though I am myself not very confident carrying this style, I appreciate people who carry this.

  4. Great post! Though I can myself never carry this style, I admire people who do!

  5. This is another trendy style to follow this season. Glad to learn the different ways to adopt one.

  6. This is so chic
    Love it

  7. Wow sure seems afab dressing style with oddles of confidence

    1. Yeah …it’s fab ..Thanks for hopping here

  8. This is one style which I have never tried yet. Time to take plunge now!

    1. DO try and let me know!!!

  9. Really admire those who can carry a Bohemian look.. I personally get really conscious

    1. I really wish to try one !!! Thanks for liking it

  10. I am a fan of bohemian fashion and loved all the pictures you shared.

    1. I too love this ..but yet to try on myself!!

  11. I don’t have any bohemian style outfits. I loved the pictures, guess need to get one for myself.

    1. Ya do try and let me know how it looked

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