Iconic fashion inspiring to fabricate and rejuvenate style

What exactly you feel Iconic fashion is all about? We all get inspired by someone or other for our looks, style or fashion and make them our icons.

There are some celebrities whom we all follow and feel that their style statement can never go wrong and we can follow them.

I am a big fan of few celebrities and feel they are perfect iconic fashionistas and their style statement is trending across the country.

Sharing amazing five iconic fashionistas:

Amitabh Bachchan:

A living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is an example of how to carry style with pride and dignity. He can be called as a fashionable man, he was the one who added turtleneck sweaters in style statement. 

He also showed the world that eyeglasses can be style statement along with importance. He keeps on experimenting with different spectacle frames.

You will always find him perfectly dressed either in ethnic or formals. Apart from these few things one style statement which Sr. Bachchan has given to men’s fashion is a french beard. 

Before men used to follow his hairstyle but now along with his French beard.

2. Rekha Ji:

She is one such iconic lady of Bollywood industry who is not only beautiful, magnificent but also had her own style and carry it with grace.

We always see and know that this evergreen beauty carries herself and a trendsetter, who created and showed the world that Saris could be a present of glamor with sensuality adding a traditional look.

She took Indian saris to a different platform altogether as she showcased that saris could also be seen as sensual attires and something that can present glamor along with tradition. 

With dark red lipstick, big red round bindi and fresh gajra and glittering sparkling eyes are this living legend identity. She is very much in love with Silk saris of Tamil Nadu known as Kanjeevaram. Golden, Red, green basically all bold colors she carries very well. 

3. Ranveer Singh:

King of a quirk in Bollywood is a trendsetter when it comes to a most outrageous sense of style statement. 


Ranveer Singh is one such fine actor who makes the worldwide audience go crazy with his films as well as with his bold style statement from metallic bling outfits to bold clashing prints. 


Not only on public appearance even while his airport looks makes a headline and he himself keep challenging his own styling game.

He is really making fashion more stylish in his bold way.

4. Sonam Kapoor:

Now if we are talking about fashion icons and we just can’t miss Miss fashionista, Sonam Kapoor. Her everyday styling is more than enough for grabbing attention.

Be on a red carpet  or walking ramp she always surprises everyone and she creates magic with her vivacious smile.

Recently most talked about Magnum creation by Magnum X Pooja Dhingra was inspired by, Bollywood fashionista and Diva Sonam Kapoor.

Other than all these many more Icons are always inspiring us daily, be it fashion from 60’s famous actress Sadhana Ji whose hairstyle is still very common and we all agree that every girl had once in life “SADHANA CUT”.

Nothing can match the beauty and makeup style of 70s Mumtaz Ji and her saree styles went to a bold queen of Bollywood who wore bikini and swimsuits and carried gracefully 80s Sharmila Ji.

Not only Bollywood is inspiring us but also our Honorable Prime Minister is the iconic person who is well-managing country and his much in demand and talked Modi Jacket is creating style.

Who is your fashion Icon and whom you look up when comes to styling? Do let me know in comment section.

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  1. Rekha always gives us goals when she turns up in her crisp Kanjeevaram and equally stunning traditional look! Courtesy her, I now have 5-6 Kanjeevaram’s in my wardrobe.

  2. I love big b and vidhya balan. She is so very beautiful and carries her well off.. Lovely post:)

  3. Love Ranveer Singh’s style! It’s so unique!

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  5. I like the sophisticated look of Amitabh Bachan always. He is extremely stylish. Also love Ranveer for his guts to try out every different style and he has such a kick ass attitude.

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