Eclectic fashion, time to create your style

Eclectic fashion

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An Eclectic fashion, something which I feel not new as many of us do that but not aware what exactly it is all about.

Before I move ahead thanks for loving #FashionVouge till now. I love Anarkali and even Denim too but today this Eclectic style is going to make you feel more energetic.

Now, we all own a different kind of clothes, some we just love but feel like not wearing it anymore. Some we want to wear but how and when have no clue. 

What is Eclectic fashion?

Now it’s time to pick up a random piece of clothing together and just style and create a look which you feel incredibly stylish and make you stand out of crowd. Such styling is known as an Eclectic fashion.

Eclectic fashion or Eclectic style doesn’t mean that you need to again go shopping and create a look for yourself. Just open your closet and figure out what you can style in a different way and create more stunning.

Eclectic fashion

Pick up your fav denim and pair with some other tee and scarf with sweater or jacket with some funky accessories. 

Eclectic fashion

Even men do style in this Eclectic fashion and create some unique and stylish way. 

Eclectic fashion

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Would you like to get yourself style in this way or have you ever tried such electrifying Eclectic style? If yes, do share with us and if not do try and tell us your experience. 

Eclectic fashion

Model : Roli Srivastava

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  1. Quite liked this one Ruchie…for one thing that it encourages reusing the stuff in hand and making a statement out of it. No new investment and no struggle to accommodate anything new in the overflowing wardrobe.

    1. Ya absolutely!! We all do the same sometime or other but not aware that we are carrying fashion in our own way 🙂

  2. Its a play with clothes and kind of mix and match…I do this things but I was not familiar with this term. Thanks for sharing this in details

    1. Thanks for liking this…even I came to know recently about this

  3. Unknowingly I always go for the eclectic style it now seems. I have horrible fashion sense and most of the time I am just mixing and matching.

    1. Maybe you feel horrible but you never know someone likes your fashion statement

  4. very interesting theme for the #AtoZ Would love to follow this.

    1. Thanks for liking this 🙂

  5. One needs to be bold to try out eclectic fashion. I am always very co-ordinated in my clothing. I don’t know to mix and match at all. I like this post . I need to be brave & try something new.

    1. Just try once I am sure you will love doing that

  6. I was unaware that there is a name for how I dress up daily. I will tell it to my mom she is fed up of me for picking up random clothes from closet and wearing them. 😀

    1. Haha even I discovered this recently 🙂 Do tell your mom and then her reaction to me 🙂

  7. When I read the name, stumbled if this is fashion. But true this is very chic style of fashion and widely loved by all.

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