Jump high in fashion with Jumpsuit

Jump high in fashion with Jumpsuit

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Fashion is so wide and has so many variants after you saw some great Icons who carry fashion gracefully, time to check yet another style in fashion “Jumpsuit“.

History of Jumpsuit:

In 1919 for parachuters, sky drivers, aviators and for car race drivers a Florentine artist and designer created the first Jumpsuit to wear this amazing, chic yet timeless piece of clothing.

Today this classy fashion is trending in the world and we all love this.

Widely available in stores and online with different style and colors this fashion is growing every day.

The head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a striking look that moves beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo, and into more fashionable territories. 

A jumpsuit is one piece garment from head to toe stylish trend which will make you feel leaving pants and one piece dresses. 

Now you have to decide which occasion you want to dress in this trendy look as they are available in prints, colors, and varieties. 

Casual Wear:

You can look stylish with some amazing casual jumpsuits.

Formal Wear:

Huge range of formal wears are also available in this category.

Evening/Party Wear:

While you can dress in jumpsuits in evening parties as they are so well going with style and trend.

So you can check and style in with this on any and every occasion but few points must be always kept in mind while dressing in jumpsuits:

  1. Pick sleek and well tailored for formal wear, to flaunt your figure.
  2. For cool casual look, choose loose fit jumpsuit.
  3. Cropped style and slim goes well if you have a short height.
  4. Jumpsuit finished just above the ground with the wide leg is perfect for tall heights.
  5. You can layer and don’t forget to add accessories like shoes, high heels, and belts to enhance your look.

Do let me know in the comment section which look is you looking for.

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Jump high in fashion with Jumpsuit

Model: Drishti

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  1. It was interesting to read the history of jump suit, Ruchi. I always thought the Jump Suit is a casual wear. However it turned out to be a multi faceted.

  2. Lovely jumpsuits. I love the stylish looks of the jumpsuits.

  3. Jumpsuits are my go to dress in summers when I am late for an outing and don’t have to finalize a dress. Never knew they existed so many years ago.

  4. I didnt know about the history of jumpsuits. I like jumpsuits, only issue is if we have to wear it for longer duration and have to use a washroom its a pain.

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