Kimono fashion best to style like a celebrity

Kimono fashion best to style like a celebrity

April 12, 2018 5 By Ruchi Verma

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After you know what little things need to keep in mind wearing Jumpsuits now its turn to tell you little about Kimono styling after which you can surely be able to bring out the celebrity in yourself.

 Kimono is basically Japenese garment and it means “Thing to wear” and till mid 19th century, everyone in Japan uses to wear this form of dress.

I still remember that when I was in school in one fancy dress my mom stitched by her hand a Kimono for me and I dressed up like a Japenese girl and grabbed the 1st prize. 

Now, this has gained so much popularity, many styles and kind of kimono are available in the market. 

Check out some styling tips how to wear this fashion. 

Style with Skirt

Skirts are something which I love a lot personally and if you can give a style and twist to your skirt styling then do try it with some vibrant and amazing kimonos available. It look great with long and short both skirts. 

Style with Rompers:

Now, this is interesting fact that every girl is surely have rompers and kimonos in their closets, so why not pair them together and be stylish.

Denim Style:

Denim is everyone’s fav hope you all read my post on Denim and it’s evergreen style. Time to style it with denim jeans. 

Short dress with a twist

Be a showstopper for any occasion and try pairing your any short dress with Kimono and pair of good footwear.

Pair with Shorts

Last but not the least this summer try this look with shorts.

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How would you like to pair? Do let me know in comment section.

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