VLCC Men grooming kit

VLCC Men grooming kit

February 26, 2018 34 By Ruchi Verma

When I heard about VLCC launching new products which are going to be exclusively for men. I really wondered what all would be included and lucky to get an exclusive collection from VLCC men grooming kit. 

Three awesome products from the kit I received

  1. Ayushmen Face wash
  2. Ayushmen Scrub
  3. Ayushmen Moisturizer

VLCC Men grooming kit: Ayushmen Facewash

VLCC Men grooming kit

Paraben free this face wash is best for Men as it is good to fight a battle with day to day pollution with core ingredients like Neem, Haldi and tulsi this face wash reinvigorates and brings freshness.

  • It removes skin impurities
  • Targets pores
  • Anti-Inflammatory quality soothes skin
  • Gives spotless skin

Price 140 Rs for 100g

VLCC Men grooming kit: Ayushmen Face Scrub

VLCC Men grooming kit

With the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs, this scrub is best in removing dead skin cells, reduces pigmentation and releases skin deeply embedded impurities and leaves behind the clean and hydrated skin.

Neem extracts remove impurities from your face and anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric target the pores and calm the skin.

Apart from this tulsi possesses antibacterial properties which give a spotless skin and best part is this product is also paraben free.

Rs 80 for 50g

VLCC Men grooming kit- Ayushmen moisturizer

VLCC Men grooming kit

This moisturizer gives skin all day moisture with skin brightening effect. With Neem, Liquorice and Tulsi extract this moisturizer gives skin a good feel. 

Where neem extracts remove impurities, again anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric target pores and calm the skin.  For spotless skin, tulsi possesses antibacterial properties.

Price: 275rs for 100g

VLCC this men grooming set is best to gift your man and I feel they have really brought great products for men.  My hubby using these three products for a week and very happy with the result and me 😉 

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