Miracle Boy

Day 1 Well this is absolute true as we have lived that one truth of life once which we can’t for­get in our entire life!! 2015 start­ed with a hap­py note when every­one was extreme­ly hap­py know­ing that Ira (my daugh­ter) is going to get her sib­ling to play dai­ly but des­tiny hold­ed some­thing which…

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Magical life

Day 15  Jour­ney in #Half­Marathon not only taught me how to keep updat­ed my blog but also I have gained so much knowl­edge from coblog­gers in #Dai­ly­Chat­ter … As of last day of #Half­Marathon would like to share this post as I ded­i­cat­ed my 15 days post on mar­riage so con­clud­ing quot­ing that “I’m blessed…

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??? ?? ??? ?? ??? 

Day 14 My par­ents per­fect cou­ple I have ever seen in my life !! They just made our life beau­ti­ful filled with all great mem­o­ries… But some mem­o­ries are heart­break­ing and one such mem­o­ry is my dad’s death well this is not end but his death anniver­sary is same as my moms birth­day!! My moth­er…

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Who am I?

Day 13 Well, even I won­der who am I? You know d rea­son why ? Because I’m a daugh­ter of a lady who stood like a moun­tain in tough time … I Should say tough­est time … My dad’s ill­ness & his death which made us shat­tered & she gath­ered us !! She is wom­an who has pow­er…

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Manoj Mutashir- lyricist with golden pen

Tere sang yara…”, ” Tay hai…” & all beau­ti­ful songs of upcom­ing Bol­ly­wood flick Rus­tom is cre­at­ing sen­sa­tion across with being on top in charts. With more than 15 mil­lion views and still count­ing amaz­ing lyrics of tere sang yara is on everyone’s list, behind this only one per­son whose gold­en pen given us such…

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Day 12 After all rit­u­als of mar­riage time for one more time for bride to go back to her par­ents home and meet them this rasam is called “Pag­phere” Do you know why this pag­phere hap­pens after mar­rige ? In India, the daugh­ters are con­sid­ered as the God­dess of Lak­sh­mi and thus the bride comes back…

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Son to Son in Law

Day 11 Well if things are chang­ing for a girl, it’s def­i­nite­ly changed a lot for boy too.. Mar­riage not only makes him respon­si­ble, car­ing, punc­tu­al with all new rela­tion­ship in life!! It’s not only a groom’s expec­ta­tions from his wife but sure­ly bride too expect lit­tle things after choos­ing him as a life pat­ner. Well,…

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Bond with your mother in law

Day 10 Till now you was only a daugh­ter, full of fun, care­less, pam­pered and one & only cen­tre of attrac­tion in fam­i­ly. Now when you are mar­ried and all set to take up respon­si­bil­i­ty, be assured you have first step right & that is have beau­ti­ful & strong bond with your moth­er in law. Trust…

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Rules for being happy Couple

Day 9  Mar­ried, set­tled now some quick tips to become a hap­py & ide­al cou­ple. After 7 vows its gime for 7 gold­en rules to make your rela­tion­ship more hap­py & lov­ing: Go back in time: If you’re mar­ried for more than 5years, it’s time to turn back & do some­thing which u have done…

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Princess Ira -For you

Day 8 She com­pletes me, she made me hap­py every day, she is the face of our love .….she is Ira my heart­beat, my princess, our rea­son of smile… Like every par­ent we also dream for her hap­pi­ness, her dreams and want her to live her life on her terms .…. Small poem writ­ten by me for her ???????…

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