Australia ranks second in the list of countries by the rate of employability. Although the employment status is average, the pandemic situation has accentuated job loss and unemployment rates.

Many Australians lost their jobs and experienced profit losses because of the lockdown. These events have created a situation of job hunting for many. You might have to brush up on your skills and look for places that want your skills employed. Vocational training may prove helpful for you in this quest.

Let us look at some of the most important qualities that employers look for in a candidate.

Communication skills

    Communication skill is vital to a job, depending on the nature of it. It implies clarity when you talk or write to communicate your ideas. Additionally, it also involves empathy and listening skills to read between the lines and communicate effectively. Communication has two components.

  • Verbal communication- includes the use of verbal signs, expressed through the use of language.
  • Non-verbal communication– As the name suggests, it involves all aspects other than verbal cues, like body language, eye contact, gestures, etc.

One can develop their communication skills by engaging in more reading, writing, and speaking activities. Join vocational training or clubs class to improve the skills. The former can train you professionally to develop the required skills to suit the workplace.


    Being a team player is quintessential to becoming successful in the professional forum. No man is an island, which implies that we will have to work together with different people for various reasons. This nature is a responsibility that is unavoidable if one wants to move up the professional ladder.

In any organization, the aim is to work towards a shared goal or objective. The resources, labor, and time are to work in synergy to achieve a goal. Building networking and teamwork skills engage in more group activities that could range from playing a sport to group presentations.


Analytical and Problem-solving ability

    To be employable, one has to be a quick thinker. You have to take decisions swiftly to avoid waste of time and resources. This result is achievable, only if one analyses all their options carefully and select one that gives the most profitable result.

    Engage in activities that stimulate the analytical part of the brain. Do a lot of research to equip yourself with the correct information. Information is not only power. It is a tool to make the right choices. Converse with successful people and emulate their problem-solving techniques.

Take initiative

    Be the first one to take action. Every employer loves an employee that takes pre-emptive action. It shows determination, dedication, and leadership. These skills are a subset that will boost your growth in a company. Encourage yourself to avoid sitting back and longing for others to take action. Being proactive will heighten your chances to get leadership roles.

    Think of creative solutions to address a problem. The idea has to save the company either resources or labor. These criteria should be the basis for taking action.


    If followed diligently, these steps will be the crutch you can lean on to take you to the top. Be willing to learn, adapt, and lead. Work towards building these skills and minimizing any weaknesses you might have in these areas.

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  1. You have mentioned ape very important tips. Communication and having interpersonal skills are becoming very important these days. Gone are the days when only degree or academic excellence will fetch you. good job.

  2. Great post Ruchi and you had listed all great qualities that requires for getting a good job. I believe being a team player and having strong communication and problem solving skills always add weightage to your personality and helps in stand out among crowd of other deserving candidate.

  3. So true. Vocational training is so very important in today’s time. ANyone who is who is looking at leading a working professional life, be it part time or full time, must consider under going vocational training.

  4. So apt and true… Communication and teamwork is such important skills needed to get and sustain a job especially in times like these. Really interesting post Ruchi

  5. these are some great skill sets.. your post is an eye opener to me.. in the rat race we dont work on our skills in right way.. do better start now

  6. Thats so true. The pandemic has resulted in loss if jobs and many have landed in a financial crises. You have very well highlighted the qualities that any recruiter looks for.

  7. Yes because I’m more of a writer than a speaker, I cannot take jobs that need a lot of speaking. Yes teamwork is something I have been part of and won trophies too!!

  8. I agree.. With these skills it’s difficult to survive professionally. Being a soft skills trainer myself I train people to sharpen these skills to increase the probability of success.

  9. Communication skills and teamwork are crucial since unless one can convey their knowledge and have positive interactions it won’t be as useful. Good points you’ve shared here.

  10. Indeed recruiter primarily look at these things and between these also communication is Numero Uno it can either get you at least into the second round or else it can get you rejected in the first 10 minutes of an interview

  11. This is quite an insighful post Ruchie. I am sure it would guide professionals right and help them focus on the areas they need to work on.

  12. Awesome points listed out. Without communication skills, you can go nowhere. Teamwork and coordination are the keys to success. Who dares, each one of us should dare and take the initial plunge

  13. I always emphasize on skill based learning and when you have good set of skills employment is not a challenge glad to know that you are resonate my Idea

  14. Absolutely verbal and non-verbal communication skills top the priority chart. Practical helpful list of skills.

  15. You have a talent in identifying the relevant topics. You address them with finesse. Keep doing the good work.

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