Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Photo Frames

If you want to choose the perfect frame that matches your photo and complements the interior decor at the same time, you need a certain strategy. There are essential factors to consider when ordering your custom photo frames, which is a good thing as there is a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles available for you. They are:

Metal Vs. Wood Photo Frames

One of the first considerations when buying your photo frame should choose the frame material. The two most popular frames are metal and wood, which have different thicknesses, colors, styles, and textures. Both are sought after for good reasons, as unique pieces and styles work well with wood or metal.

For example, the uncomplicated characteristic of a metal frame is great for modern pieces like black and white photos.  Also, a metal frame does not attract attention to it but helps the picture get the attention it deserves. Metal photo frames subtly and effectively accentuate the attractiveness of the pictures inside with a crisp finish.

On the other hand, wooden photo frames are an excellent alternative. They offer a traditional yet rugged appeal. Besides photographs, wood frames are also suitable for paintings and other art prints. Wooden frames typically exude elegance and warmth.

Colour of the Custom Photo Frame

When picking the color of your photo frame, there are a few approaches to take. You can either complement it with an existing interior design or put more focus on a feature on your piece.

Custom Photo Frames
  • Opt For a Dramatic Look

Pick a frame color that is in contrast with the colors in your photo. While it gives a simple and clean overall piece, it also brings about a dramatic vibe, capturing the eyes to the picture inside the frame. You may apply the selection for your opposite-colored frame, whether the photo is chaotic or simple, as it can create a bold statement either way. This approach will also add character to your interior space. A metal frame is ideal for this strategy.

  • Go Neutral

If you do not want to produce a bold statement or focus on a particular color, you can always go for a neutral custom frame. This approach will complement your photo perfectly.  Black custom photo frames are classic and elegant, having the ability to complement virtually all photos or artworks. On the other hand, white photo frames are timeless, clean, and different sophistication as well, making all the colours in the picture stick out.

  • Pick a Colour From Your Piece

Getting a frame colour that is also present in your photo is a safe approach, but it is quite effective in enhancing a particular colour. This strategy creates a sense of continuity in the overall appearance of the display. The colour you pick from your photo can be as minuscule or as extensive as you like.

Having a photo frame that has the same shade with a picture having a single, prominent colour, will give stability and harmony. On the other hand, if the frame colour matches a small hue in your picture, it can capture attention to that specific colour. As a result, your frame will help your photo stand out.

These are vital aspects that you need to consider when you want to custom frame your memorable photos. Choosing the right custom photo frames will further beautify your pieces and also protect them along the way.

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