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We Bloggers also face some off-the-record conversations with our own closed friends and relatives. There is a misconception that whatever we Bloggers put and share is only PAID.

Online Offline
Online-Offline Pic Credit: www.wigglingpen.com

Well, have you ever faced this online, offline conversation?

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  1. Kyun hamare secrets public kar rahe ho yaar? Haha. Places, products and other bloggers, our online and offline chats are so different!

    1. Hahha!! Kya karu …time to unplug …it happens log bahut galat samjhte hai humko!!!

  2. Most of my relatives and friends think I am mad. They don’t understand blogging at all and comment..She is mas..she cooks and posts dunno why!!

    1. I swear to God happen so many time with all of us!!

      1. It happens all the time, our lives are different online and offline ?
        But as Varsha said kyun andar ke secrets out kar rahi go?;)

  3. Walking the path/ bridge of Online Offline…
    Bloggers Life unplugged…
    what are we doing the whole day… kaun samjhaye, kaise bataye…

  4. Online and offline… two entirely different worlds!!

  5. Online we need to be poised but offline wr can be ourself and that is insanely crazy… Haha

  6. Specially if I liked any product and put its review and end up gifting same brand to a relative, eyebrows are raised. Free mein mila hoga wahi chipka diya… where as that review is not paid its genuine.

  7. Absolutely. I like your tongue in cheek humour.
    Deepika Sharma

  8. Hehe i know these faceoff with our own closed friends and relatives.

  9. Yes agree dear people have many misconception about blogging and many think it is either waste of time or easy way to make extra money. no one understand the hard work and creativity that this job demands.

  10. That increases our responsibility naa sweetie, but honestly a difficult task.

  11. Oh boy… this is definitely so true for me. Have asked this dozens of times

  12. Every blogger must have heard this from others. Like really, this is a good product. Most of the times, I have doubted the beauty products advertised. Because it’s sometimes hard to believe myself, so do not blame others.

  13. Haha! Seriously it happened so many times with me, too, while posting the ZEE5 series!

  14. virtual world is always so diffrent and not many understand the reason for our madness !

  15. The online virtual world is always so so different !! You pointed it out so well.

  16. Ha ha, how to tell the public yaar…this is really the #Bloggerslifeunplugged

  17. hahaha! uhmm! truce fact that every blogger would relate to

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