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The first post is always the most special post in Bloggers life, after being in the industry for over 7 years, I hear this very often from new bloggers.

First Post
First Post of blogger
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Oh, yes!! It takes so much behind the blog to get a return in cash!! Keep writing unique, new, fresh and great post and content. You will start earning!!

Have you encountered with this question? Share in comments.

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  1. First are always special. first post, first collaboration, first comment. Its so satisfying to look back and see how far we have come from that first post.

  2. Ha ha ? So true! Wonderful post.

    1. Hehe!! We all must have faced this

  3. Every first has a special value. Honestly, earning doesn’t come to my mind neither I step into the blogging world nor when I penned my first post, gradually I learned to invest my time and work sincerely.

    1. Yeah …it’s always special to write first post

  4. Yes, the first post is always special. The misconception about this kind of ‘cash’ will always be there.

  5. I want to monetise my blog but I dunno how to. No ad sense also in place..I have been blogging since years but I am technically challenged 🙁

    1. It will be soon for you too…Thanks for visiting!!

  6. First post, first book, first story – all are important in life. But, with years I have learnt More important is to move to the second post, then third and keeping up the tempo. This is just my opinion

  7. First blog, First post, First comment, the first time when one goes self-host, they are always precious and motivating for a newbie blogger.

    1. Yeah…I agree with you!!

  8. Nothing special like first post. Loved the pictures.

    1. Thanks a lot dear!!

  9. Haha yeah true first posts are special. Lovedthe way u put it
    Deepika Sharma

    1. Thanks for visiting and loving this!!

  10. Very creative way of sharing your thoughts Ruchi…thats true anything first holds a very special place in our heart.

    1. I am glad that you liked the post!!

  11. hahhaha! I had the same feeling when I started blogging and I still ask myself. But yes! It requires a lot of effort.

    1. Yeah!! It takes time and the first post is always special.

  12. Ha ha so true. earning is something that takes long way to go with blogging. all are desperate but it takes time. loved the pictorial presentation so much.

  13. ‘First’ of everything is special. When we start blogging, the first post means the world to us.

    1. So true Aditi!! Thanks for visiting!!

  14. Yes buddy the first post indeed is always the most special for all of us.

  15. Speaking of first brings back nostalgic memories. I’ve been asked this too.

  16. So true First blog,are always precious. Well i guess it is not easy to earn from blogs .

  17. 1st blog post, 1st blog challenge, 1st eBook always makes a mark, but not earn

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