J- JetPack #BloggersUnplugged

While with closed salons now when others thinking about Data Pack, face pack we bloggers ONLY concern about our JetPack.

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. So true, na oil-free pack, na fruit pack, na hi data pack….
    bloggers breathe and live on JetPack.

  2. Oh yes… if the salon doesn’t open for more days it won’t hit the bloggers but a technical glitch in jetpack will surely upset one.

  3. True that!! The only pack they find value in…..Everything else comes after that!!

  4. This is good one as a blogger all that matters is JetPack… Forgotten about other packs.

  5. No parlours…I usually make my own packs but I don’t know much about Jetpack although I use it 🙂

  6. JetPack it is all the way. Other packs are for lesser mortal.. haha
    Deepika Sharma

  7. Damn… Okay now I’m scared. Took me awhile to remember what jetpack is

  8. How true is that!This one had me in splits buddy!

  9. Jetpack packs our life with such ease and thrill, no? Baaki pack chhodo, Jetpack se naata jodo! ?

  10. yes yes, jet pack has given me lots of trouble in past. still I need to understand many aspects of it.

  11. That’s so true! By pack, I always think of jetpack or data pack?

  12. Is that me only who has the least knowledge of jetpack? Undoubtedly a significant term in the bloggers life.

  13. I really need to refresh myself on what it is actually. But I can do very relate to it

  14. Oh yes i m not worried about the salons .I don’t know what do you mean by jet pack.

  15. Yes, Jetpack is our all in one pack.

  16. I love your humor style wilth sll these

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