B- Backlinks and Bloggers #BloggersUnplugged

There is a tremendous difference between normal people link and Bloggers links(oops sorry -Backlinks)

Backlinks and Bloggers
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Don’t you as a Blogger feel the same? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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  1. haha… that was a good one. I never saw it form the humor perspectives. Thats another perk of being a blogger. We can see things differently.

    1. hahah!! In upcoming posts, a few are my real-life experiences.

  2. so true. it is totally #bloggersunplugged.

    1. I know bloggers can relate to this !!

  3. Right, so this is an interesting take on atoz , I am curious.

  4. Ruchi, you have expressed so brilliantly.

  5. hahha that is so true. We all are looking for backlinks all the time.

  6. Backlinks ke liye to saara scene bana rakha hai!
    And trust me, marriage links are easier to find. 🙂

    1. True Varsha!! Saara khel backlink ka

  7. sure thing. and it takes a lot of effort to build them

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