6 Amazing Back To School Life Memories Of The 90s

Well, school life memories if I have to talk about, I can go on and on for hours. Trust me, sometimes my kids and family get bored listening to how much fun we used to have at school. But, that’s the beauty of school days known as the golden days of everyone’s life.

In the ’90s passed out, kids will agree that we had beautiful childhood and memories that only we miss and cherish. Sharing 12 of my most fun and school life memories here:

Memorable School Life Memories:

1. That smell of new books and copies and Stotionaries we loved: Do you use to smell when you get a new set of books for the new class, that craze and then covering it with brown cover papers with some cartoon character name slips was always fun to do.

First day in new class, feeling of getting one year senior with new bag, pencil box, water bottle and new books and copies. That self promise “this year will maintain my copy, no pending work and not tearing up pages” , well this promise stays only for few months. I miss those books and copies.

Natraj fir champion, who can forget Natraj pencils oops Natraj HB pencils, sharped 2-3 pencils in pencil box with favorite Renolyds ball pen and Camel Geometry box.

I remember, filling up half Milton water bottle with crushed ice and then water to keep water cold entire day in school. Even we use to put a name slip on the water bottle not to get mixed up with friends in the class.

2. Being Teacher’s favorite and Punishments: Being teachers favorite is big achievement in class, trying to impress teachers by giving answers in class and when teacher ask you being not a monitor but to collect all HW copies and bring to staff room, feels like the most important in the class.

No wonder, when someone else is teacher’s favorite it means he/she is buttering teacher. I remember one teacher who less liked me, he taught me to work hard so that I can never give him chance to punish me, and for that I am always grateful to him for giving biggest lesson of my life.

School life memories are incomplete without punishments, yes like every student even I got chance to stand with hands up or holding my ears outside the class or at the back.

School life memories

Best memories of punishment I cherish is getting punishment with my friends and then we went to park from outside the class many times or going in the library to read favorite books.

3. Some fun that was not allowed: Have you ever finished your tiffinbox before lunch break? Well, I have not only finished mine but also tiffin boxes of others with my friends before class. And that smell of aaloo ki sabji in class complains teacher that someone is having tiffin box.

Another school life memories includes playing name, place, animal and thing or Flames in class sitting in last bench in some boring period. Last page of our copies were filled with that.

4. Chemistry Lab to Examination hall: Chemistry lab and experiments, I remember Sharma ji Lab in charge used to scold us for trying unwanted experiments in school (now, I tell kids don’t do that) but yes, those literally blast in chemistry lab mixing two different acids which we should not have done but that is one among the school life memories.

Examinations were the scariest part of school days and so the result day. The one who ask for the extra B copy first in the examination hall when even my half answer sheet is not filled, that scares the most.

5. Picnics to Annual functions: When I started writing down school life memories, extra curricular activities, annual functions and school picnics are for sure the fonest one. During Annual functions, I remember participating minimum in 4-5 programs and going with suitcase full with dresses to change. Running from stage after one performance to green room to change for the new performance was fun. Welcome dance to last qwawali was real fun me.

School picnics were so much fun with friends and most memorable time of the year.

6. The Gang: The best among all school life memories is the gang, we enjoyed a lot since class 1st to 12th std. I still miss and cherish the memories, the time we shared together is unforgettable and precious.

Nothing can match the school time memories and walking back to those lanes is always precious. Small peom written by me dedicated to my school time memories

Woh subah uth kar school ki bell ke pehle cycle ki race lagana,
Woh assembly mein prayer group mein hona,
Woh PT sir ka “go straight in a line” keh ke class mein bhejna
Woh class ki 2nd row ki favorite seat,
Woh Liddle ma’am see kurvilla ma’am tak English ke lectures,
Woh Sharma ma’am, trivedi ma’am aur Rajendra Sir ka Hindi ka gyaan,
Bhool kaise sakte hai S.P.Mishra Sir ka tables aur Maths padhane ka andaaz,
L.P. Pandey, R.K. Pandey Sir ki daat mein bhi chupa pyaar,
Cardoza Maam aur Jyoti Gupta ma’am ka pyaar se samjhana,
“Keep Silence” aur “You always Giggle” keh ke library Sir ka datana,
Art Sir ke Art class se leke Roy Maam ke dance class,
Sab yaad aata hai…woh bachpan, woh mahuye ka ped, woh galiya, woh safar, woh school yaad aata hai

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  1. All your school memories made me say, oh yes, I did that too! Enjoyed reading 🙂

  2. Such lovely and relatable memories, Ruchi

  3. This was the perfect trip down memory lane. I don’t know how many pencil cases I have brought in my 12 years of schooling 😀 😀 😀

  4. Trying to answer all questions!That’s some memory Ruchi.Great post

  5. Where are you in the class photograph? Lovely memories of school that we all enjoy.

    1. Haha…I am standing 3rd from the left !!

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