Importance of extra-curricular activities with school academics.

The different activities that are a part of school life play a significant role in developing a child. One such essential part of school life is extracurricular activities. These activities are conducted along with academic studies to enhance the learning process at school.

Extracurricular activities are conducted in or off regular classrooms. Not just that, they are a component of the non-academic curriculum, which helps develop various sides of the students’ personality development.

These activities supplement the academic curriculum and are designed and balanced so that such activities help the students learn by doing beyond the usual subjects. Above all, Co-curricular activities are something that helps the students learn by doing activities.

Following the new education policy of CBSE, schools have introduced various activities for their students such as sports, music, art and crafts, performance arts, writing, photography, etc. These are all just to help them develop different essential skills like problem-solving, communication, reasoning, critical thinking, and collaborative abilities.

Participation in such activities will help in the student’s emotional development and help students nurture social skill development and overall personality development.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Importance of Co-curricular Activities

The world has fundamentally changed in the past few decades, and so is the role of education and learning in day-to-day life. Today, we are connected, more than ever, to people all over the world, all because of extracurricular activities. This has also opened up different arenas for individuals to function and a host of opportunities for every individual.

This kind of environment requires schools and institutions to move from the conventional education curriculum to education and learning that focuses on the student’s holistic development. Holistic development means developing intellectual, physical, mental, emotional, and social abilities in a child to make them capable of facing the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Such a development process takes into account the child and their environment as a whole. The core aim of modern education is to bring about a holistic development of the student. And guess what? Co-curricular activities play a significant role in such development and are hence very important in the early stages of education and learning in school and college.

Essential Values and Skill Development Through Co-curricular activities

Participating in co-curricular activities aids in the development of various skills and values that are useful in meeting different demands and challenges of life. Each of these skills caters to several facets of an individual’s personality. These skills and values include:

  • Logical and analytical thinking:Analyzing the reasons behind situations and events
  • Critical thinking: Examining ideas, concepts, issues, and problems
  • Creative thinking: Visualization, thinking and exploring new ideas and thinking of new ways of solving problems
  • Problem-solving skills: Solving problems by employing various solutions and concepts
  • Leadership skills: Taking responsibilities and initiatives, setting goals, influencing others in working for a purpose, motivating others to work towards goals, taking accountability
  • Communication skills: The power of expression, public speaking, and listening to others
  • Emotional skills: Controlling your emotions, channeling your feelings, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, having empathy for others
  • Social skills: Collaboration, building good relationships with others, teamwork
  • Technology skills: Using software, apps, and technology to get things done and solve problems
  • Ethical values: Good moral values, maintaining ethics in public life
  • Social values: Respecting the differences among individuals, respecting others values and culture
  • Recreational values: Understanding the importance of recreation and leisure, participation in recreational and leisure activities

However, the crucial role of co-curricular activities cannot be overlooked. When theoretical curriculum and other activities are integrated, it gives an individual a higher chance of learning and exploring more about their interests, abilities, and strengths.

ORCHIDS The International School is one such institution that believes that a child’s education is not complete without holistic needs and development. Blossoming over 34 major cities of the country, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai, the school has the vision to set a new benchmark of quality education through innovative teaching methods and unique teaching philosophy.

The institution provides a world-class infrastructure that offers its creative and unique curriculum and engraves strong values and skills in future global leaders. Application-based learning has formed the core of nurturing a child’s creative power while adapting to course learnings. The orchid school aims at academic excellence by following its philosophy of constructive and innovative application-based education through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

The schools in Hyderabad believe that a school’s role extends to the 360-degree development of the student and is inclined to create responsible global citizens and lifelong learners. With programs including life skill programs, visual arts, speech and drama, in-school sports, health and nutrition programs, student exchange programs, events like Children’s Literature Fest and Children’s Film Festival, etc., it aims to build a state-of-the-art education experience.

With best-in-class infrastructure like smart classrooms, music rooms, playgrounds, science labs, skating rinks, computer labs, basketball courts, library, etc. creation of a safe and sound learning environment, and individual attention and communication for your kid at every phase of their educational journey, one can ensure all-round development of your child.

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  1. Co-curricular activities play a big role in the overall development of a child. They cannot be neglected. We never know if. child will discover their strong area through these activities and it an becomes stepping stone to their future career path.

  2. It’s always important to keep kids engaged in Co-curricular activities for good development in kids in better way of education good to go post for we parents thank you for sharing.

  3. Its good to know that the school put emphasis on the extra activities for their all round development.

  4. Co-curricular activities play a huge role in the development of the child. It is good that schools now-a-days have a timetable set for all such activities too besides studies.

  5. Your post makes me want to go back to school again. Co curricular activities really changes the way children develop. It brings out their passions and talents. Also, gives them scope for exposure beyond bookish knowledge.

  6. Gone are the days when kids are asked to mug up what ever they learn in the school.and burn the midnight oil for a better future. Schools like Orchid international will surely bring light to a better style of teaching kids and prioritising better

  7. These days parents are realising the importance of extracurricular activities along with academics. Hence the schools should raise to situations and incorporate the same. Orchids International had already started this.

  8. It’s important to keep kids engaged in extra curricular activities. This will help for good development in kids . Thank you for this wonderful post .

  9. I have a few friends whose kids are in Orchid school and they only have good things to say about the school. A school is a place where child spends most of their time so it has to be the best.

  10. I agree that extra curricular activities are equally important as the academic pursuits that the children have. It is great to see a school that has a 360 degree focus when it comes to the child’s development.

  11. Indeed, extracurricular activities develop a child along with academics. In today’s era, it is more important that a child gets a holistic environment for development.

  12. Extracurricular activities play an important role in learning. No better way to learn social and communication skills as well as teamwork and leadership!

  13. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    What I like about co curricular activities that it not only keep the kids engaged but also help in improving concentration.

  14. For me the biggest criteria to select any school is how much importance they give it to extra curricular activities. As it is must for children ‘s holistic growth. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post Ruchi.

  15. Extra activities are necessary because kids need to be mentally and physically strong. Such activities help them to explore their creative side and be more active

  16. Extra-curricular activities are very crucial for the overall growth of children. Glad to know about this school and such educational institutions that prefer holistic growth, instead of just rote learning.

  17. Yes co-curricular activities are very important too while growing up. This is why in school the right blend of studies and co-curricular activities should be there. Kudos to Orchid International for thoughtful planning.

  18. Very wonderfully elaborated! Only study will make them dull kids. Outdoors and other activities are so necessary.

  19. Extra curricular activities play such an important role in the overall development of children. Thankfully, now-a-days, schools realize this and incorporate this in their syllabus. Now that indeed paves a way for a holistic development.

  20. Extra-curricular activities help students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts.

  21. Co curriculum activities are must for child development and I keep this on note .I always encourage my kids to take part in in different activities and really great to know about this amazing school which have so much co curriculum activities .

  22. Very much true! A child without any outdoor activity will definitely become lazy and dull. Extra curriculum activities are extremely necessary to make the child fit and fight against diseases.

  23. Extra-curricular activities play an important role in learning. There is no better way to learn social and communication skills as well as teamwork and leadership!

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