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Indian vegetarian rainy day snacks to enjoy the monsoon season.

The cool breeze and lush greenery in the monsoon is something I just love and the foodie monster gets activated. Rainy season brings so much relief from the itching summer. Rainy day snacks, are mandatory …

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Strawberry Shake for kids with Balzano Nutri Blender 500W

Season of Strawberries are here and one thing which we just can’t miss is “Strawberry Shake”. It’s a favorite among everyone at home and now we have Balzano Nutri Blender 500W which made it super …

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Everyone deserves to be happy. One should not limit their happiness to special days alone. Likewise, one should not restrict themselves to enjoy a cake only on birthdays and anniversaries. Driving to bakeries and ordering …

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5 Easy-To-Cook Indian Food Recipes For Beginners

Indian food is a treat to the eyes and the palate, and if you’re just starting out, it is one of the easiest cuisines to master. Just remember that there are some basic spices that …

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Farah- North Indian Snack

Some snacks/dishes from North India just make me happy and nowadays when we all are just locked in our home I prefer to prepare dishes that are healthy and tasty at the same time. I …

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U.P. Style Matar ka Nimona Recipe

Uttar Pradesh is famous for mouth-watering dishes and if your roots are from nawabo ka sehar- Lucknow, you can imagine how crazy you could be for food. Winters and food are a perfect combo for …

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Winter food list

5 Winter food list from my kitchen

Winter’s and food goes hands in hands. I still remember when winter starts I always used to demand my mom some special winter food to cook for me. My winter food list is too long, …

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What gives a bit solace from this sweltering summer is chilled Bhapa Doi. A typical Bengali delicacy which has now gained popularity worldwide is nothing but an Indian cheesecake made using a combination of cooked down sweetened milk …

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The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

Mumbai – the city which never sleeps, the city of stars and the city which has accumulated the global brands and foods while providing homes to numerous slum dwellers too. The contrast which this city …

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Enjoy Delicacies with Swiggy Coupons

Enjoy Delicacies with Swiggy Coupons

Swiggy is an Indian- based food ordering and delivering company based out of Bengaluru, India. It was founded in August 2014 with the aim of serving city to city, taking each one at a time. …

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Paneer Kofta – Guest Post by Mohuya Dey

Hola Readers,  Bringing you delicious recipe of Paneer Kofta by Mohuya Dey. PANEER KOFTA India celebrates festivities for a long period of two months. Navratri, Ganpati, Karwacauth, and Teej are the main festivals that you look …

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Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Winters are knocking our doors and kids can’t resist love for icecreams but now we got an alternative to it “Epigamia greek yogurt”. What is Epigamia Greek Yogurt? Epigamia Greek Yogurt is made up of no …

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street food by punjab grill

Street Food by Punjab Grill || Restaurant Review

As this restaurant claims “Home of the best NORTH INDIAN FOOD in town” being a north Indian I was really excited to taste their all signature dishes from north India.  When I entered in the …

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Navratri Recipes by Dr. Oetker

Happy Navratri !!! With September festive season started and it’s in full swing. On one hand from today when you go out to play dandiya and garba make sure your family members should enjoy some healthy dishes. …

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Festive homemade healthy sweets – By Dr. Oetker

Hola Readers !! I feel proud to be an Indian where we get an opportunity to meet family and friends often with colourful, bright and spreading happiness festivals.  As Ganesh Chaturthi is coming up wigglingpen …

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