How To Create A Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding

Create Custom WordPress Theme

Previously to create a custom WordPress you needed to have some coding knowledge and had to follow the WordPress codex properly. But now things have changed at last.

Thanks to the newly introduced WordPress theme generators, WordPress users can create a custom WordPress theme having no coding knowledge within a couple of hours.

Do you want to create a custom theme for your WordPress site? If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll show how to create a custom WordPress theme easily without writing a single line of code.

How non-technical users can create custom WordPress themes?

WordPress themes are basically a set of template files that are written in HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. Predominantly, you need to have some understanding of these development languages or probably hire an expert web developer who can professionally create a custom theme for you.

Unfortunately, small/mid-sized companies are usually on a tight budget. They cannot afford to hire a development expert since they charge a hefty amount to create a custom theme from scratch. Therefore, a lot of them often settle for a default or free WordPress theme.

Those who don’t want to settle with default or free themes and want unlimited creative freedom. They either use a drag & drop page builder or use theme framework to create a custom WordPress theme.

WordPress theme frameworks allow users to easily create a custom theme but it’s a premium solution for web developers not regular WordPress users.

On the contrary, WordPress page builder plugins make it pretty easy and convenient to create custom pages using the drag-and-drop option. However, the custom layouts are pretty limited.

Until Beaver Builder arrived in the market. Beaver Builder is one of the amazing WordPress page builder plugins that offers the add-on Beaver Themer.

Beaver Themer like other site builders is basically an add-on that allows WordPress beginners to create a custom theme layouts easily using the efficient drag and drop tool, without having any coding knowledge.

Using Beaver Themer to create a custom WordPress theme

Beaver Themer is an add-on plugin of Beaver Builder. To create a custom theme you’ll be needing both the plugins.

Create a Custom WordPress Theme

Beaver Themer is an outstanding add-on that lets you create a custom theme. However, you still require a theme to get started with. Here, we suggest that you choose a lightweight and well-optimized theme that should have a full-width page template.

You’ll find many themes in the official WordPress directory that includes a full-width page template. Since the number of themes is massive, we recommend choosing either OceanWP, Astra or StudioPress themes.

I’ll demonstrate this entire process by using Astra WordPress theme because it’s a lightweight, well-optimized, and pretty easy to customize the theme.

Setting up a WordPress theme for Beaver Themer

When you are building a custom theme with Beaver themer, it is necessary to ensure that it has complete access to the full page.

 A full-page layout basically allows this custom theme builder to use every inch of the page which allows you to easily create a striking and personalized visual experience.

Almost every WordPress theme includes a template file for full-width pages. If you’re using a theme that doesn’t have one, then you have to remove the side bars. You can go to the theme settings to do it.

Unfortunately, if you’re unable to find the option, then connect with your theme developer and ask them for assistance.

Once it’s done, you’re all set to build a custom theme using this outstanding custom theme builder i.eBeaver Themer.

Using Beaver Themer templates to create your custom WordPress theme

In this section, let’s show the complete process of creating a custom theme step by step. By the end of this, you will have a completely custom WordPress theme.

Creating a custom header for your WordPress theme

First let’s begin with the header. We believe the custom header is one of the most essential components of a WordPress theme. However, to build one using the traditional methods is a pretty daunting task.

Fortunately, Beaver Themer allows you to create a custom header by using its built-in header features. You get two options, either make use of the pre-create header template or you can use images and menu modules.

To begin the process you first have to set up a header layout. Go to Beaver Builder > Add New page and add a title for the page header.

Next, select ‘Themer Layout’ as your type and choose ‘Header’ as your layout Now click on the button ‘Add Themer Layout’ and continue the process.

This will redirect you to your layout settings page. Now, it’s time to select ‘Entire Site’ in the location section where your custom-built header will be displayed on.

Once you are done with that, you’ll find the ‘Launch Beaver Builder’ button. Click it.

You’ll then see a basic two-row and single column header layout.

Use the drag-and-drop tools of Beaver Builder again to change the text, colours, backgrounds, etc. If you wish you can also add rows/columns, load any ready-made templates, add other modules. You can do it all easily by just clicking on the add button which you’ll find in the right corner.

If you’re satisfied with your header design, save the changes by hitting the ‘Done’ button and publish your layout. Visit your site to check your header layout.

Apart from header, you can also create a custom footer. So let’s do that.

Creating a custom footer for your WordPress theme

Creating a custom header for your website was a simple and easy process, you can use Beaver Themer to create a custom footer.

Simply go to Beaver Builder>Add New page, and now you have to enter a title for your footer section. Now and select ‘Themer Layout’ (as type) and ‘Footer’ (as layout option).

Now lookout for the button ‘Add Themer Layout’ and click on it to continue. Now you’ll be redirected to the layout settings page. Now select the ‘Entire Site’ option in the location section.

Now click on the button ‘Launch Beaver Builder’.

Now a footer layout will appear along with the three columns. You can start your editing process from here.

 You can also add text blocks, modules, or whatever you like. You can also change background colour, add background image, change fonts, etc.

Once you’re satisfied with your footer design, save the changes and publish the layouts.

Building your content area for pages and post

Congratulations, we have successfully created a custom header and footer for each page and post of a website. Now let’s move and create the page or post body, the area where you add all the content.

The process is pretty similar to the previous one. Again we’ll go to ‘Add New’ options to add ‘Singular’ layout.

 Now you have to choose where this layout will be displayed on your website. You can choose the singular layout for all the single pages and posts, or you choose pages or just the posts.

Create a Custom WordPress Theme

Now to open the builder interface, click on the ‘Launch Beaver Builder’ button. It will load a sample singular layout with page/post title at the top of the section, followed by other components, Content>Author Bio Section>Comments Section.

Create a Custom WordPress Theme

You can click on any section of the page/post and edit them or add new rows, columns, modules as required.

Once you’re happy with the layout, look for the ‘Done’ button, hit it to save and publish the modifications. Now check your site to see if the changes you made looks good or not.

Create a Custom WordPress Theme

Creating other necessary layouts for a custom theme

Fortunately, Beaver Themer lets you create layouts for various necessary other pages in the WordPress template hierarchy including, template parts, 404 page, search results page, etc.

You can use the drag & drop functionality of this theme to create your own custom WordPress theme without writing a single line of code from scratch.. Beaver Builder is a beginner and user-friendly custom theme builder tool available in the market.

We truly hope this guide helps to learn how you can make a custom WordPress theme easily without knowing how to code.

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