10 Republic Day Speech And Elocution Important Topics For Kids.

Giving a Republic day speech in school or taking part in elocution always gives every student feeling of pride. Despite the ongoing pandemic and online schooling students, teachers and schools are not losing zeal to celebrate the most important day of our nation India’s Republic day (26th January).

Selection of topic for this special day is very important as it’s a matter of pride and filled with emotions for every INDIANS. Make sure you select your speech or elocution topic wisely and prepare it well to present.

10 topics for Republic Day speech and elocution:

While your school is organizing special functions online or offline for this day, speeches are an extremely important part of this program. It’s really an honor to give a speech and if they select you one, check out these topics for either for republic day speech or elocution which might inspire you to prepare.

1. The struggle for Independence.
Yes, it’s republic day, but you can always share the struggle our countrymen and freedom fighters have gone through to give us today freedom of air to breathe.

2. Importance of Republic Day.

One of the most important days in Indian history is Republic day and there is so much behind this day, you can select this topic to tell how important this day is for Indians even today.

3. India is an emerging new nation.

With new India, new policies, new yojana’s today India is emerging as one of the most promising and developing countries on the globe. Share the pointers and details to educate how we can progress.

4. Fundamental Rights of the Indian Constitution.

Do we really know the fundamental rights, do we follow them? These are some basic things we need to understand, time is here to educate people on how important our fundamental rights are and how we should maintain them.

5. The man behind the Indian constitution

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, The Father of the Indian Constitution and given so much to our country. You can select his journey and share it with your audience and schoolmates.

6. Power of Right to Speak.

The right to speak is among one of the fundamental rights and many times we misunderstood the actual power we get with this. Time to make all realize the correct responsibility of right to speak.

7. Indian laws and how they differ from other countries.

In India we have separate laws for all depending upon the case and justice is always given, just need to be educated about the correct laws we have and how it differs from other countries.

8. Indian social issues.

You can select the social issues and causes that are currently we all facing for the upcoming republic day speech.

9. Child Labor.

One of the major problems India is facing and need to be addressed, be responsible to share the perfect data and create awareness on how to handle this.

10. The heroes of the country.

Never forget the freedom fighters India have given us and their sacrifices and their stories need to be shared on such platforms to stay alive in our heart and memories.

Republic day speech

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There are 5 important things as a parent, we need to be careful while preparing our kids for speech or elocution:

1. Research: While drafting your kid’s speech you need to check out the history, facts, and figures before you are writing a speech for your kid. Note down important points and facts from history and then prepare.

2. Time Limit: Check with the teacher, about the time slot allotted for your speech. Draft your speech according to the time.

3. Make it a story: You must research facts, but while writing a speech you should know the story behind and educate your child the same. Add some dialogues of freedom fighters to make the speech interesting.

4. Work with your child: Allow your child to first draft the speech and show it to you, as when they write themselves, they remember it well and as you share the story and facts to them. They will be more confident and can showcase it with more confidence.

5. Practice: I remember, my mom always told me to practice in front of the mirror. It not only boosts up your confidence but you also learn how to stand, speak, and your overall posture. Practice your speech, learn your speech, and speak from the heart.

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You can conclude your speech by giving a message to work hard and standing with their values and righteousness like our outstanding leaders.

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  1. The topics you have suggested are great. Easy to speak as well as easy to research.

  2. A right post at the right time during republic occasion well to go points on Republic day speech thank you for sharing this post..

  3. The patriotism lies within each of our hearts and we should make sure we ignite it into our little ones as well. Lobed the elocution topics that you have shared Ruchi.

  4. Here in USA I missed a lot celebration of Indian national festivals like republic day and Independence Day. Your post has reminded me my childhood days when my father use to write speech for me And I used to practice this in front of mirror. Sometimes I feel that my girls are missing that kind of experience.

  5. I loved the tips about writing speech fir kids.We always discuss first ,then start writing down.Lastly we say it out aloud to practice

  6. Thank you so much for the post. Republic day speeches and any speech for that matter requires a structure. You post points of several facts that would help in the elocution.

  7. Your post took me back to my childhood! I loved giving speeches in school and loved both the process of writing three speech as well as delivering it. My dad used to help me write.

  8. Just like our parents and grandparents had inculcated a feeling of patriotism and love for our nation, we should also pass it on. These tips are so helpful for preparing a powerful speech.

  9. These are some very powerful topics. The pointers you mentioned will definately help.me in future.

  10. You have shared some really good and relevant topics for speech. From structuring the speech to delivering it, the entire process is crucial.

  11. These are some really wonderful tips for children to prepare for elocution. I remember I used to practice in front of the mirror and then I would catch hold of my family members and speak in front of them.

  12. The kids sure needed this the most on the Republic Day. Very well built list it is indeed.

  13. These are some good topics one can look for on national days. Yes time limit needs to be considered and points needs to be rephrased accordingly.

  14. These are such good topics to help school going kids for their assignments. Very insightful post.

  15. it is a nice and good article

  16. You reminded me of my school days Ruchi. I loved to participate in speech and debate competition and my parents have always encouraged me and my sister to write our own speeches. They would edit that as needed. Thanks to them that today, I am able to write a blog in given word limit. Jokes apart. Such occasions give us and our kids to know their country better. Thank you for taking me down the memory lane.

  17. Thanks for sharing this. My kids were actually searching for this. They have some activities or competitions in school. Will share this with them

  18. It is important that kids understand what they are talking about and hence choosing something age-appropriate is crucial. These are some good topics to speak on. Research helps streamline them better.

  19. The topics you mentioned here in this post are really good and perfect for elocution of children. I am sharing it with my school going moms who are my friends

  20. It is very important to push children for speeches. Not only it helps them fight stage fear at an early but it also helps them learn more about the topic. For republic day, you have suggested some great topics that your child can prepare for.

  21. These are some powerful topics . Your post took me back to my childhood! I loved giving speeches in school.
    Great post

  22. These are some very good topics and I liked all the suggestions given by you especially that you should own you speech by sounding it like a story as it will have better impact on the audience and will be more interesting to listen.

  23. Ah! This came right in time, we have to prepare a couple of lines for the republic day celebration in my Son’s school. It is so difficult for young kids to understand such topic, but this is helpful, would definitely keep this in mind when drafting

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