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Normal people get tensed when they don’t find their home keys, car keys, or any key. We bloggers are only worried about keywords. Our entire search starts from keywords and ends on the same.

Keywords Pic Credit: Wigglingpen

A- About Me
B- Backlinks
C- Community and Collaborations

D- Domain
E- Editorial Calendar
F- First Post

G- Growth
H- Handle
I- Instagrammers

J- Jetpack

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Cant agree more. So true. From blogging, we understood a different meaning of keys.:) and how a slight change in words can affect our blog’s health.

  2. You hit the nail on the head Ruchi. Though I am Still trying to learn more about right keywords!

  3. This was a given. Our lives revolve around keywords and the long tail ones are such slippery ones!

  4. So true… Keyword is the key…

  5. True that. I am enjoying your graphics, Ruchi.

  6. Key words it is ? always. Man that’s a serious task
    Deepika Sharma

  7. I am technically challenged and I dunno much about keywords or SEO but somehow I am managing my website by myself. Wish it was much simpler

  8. You are right though I have never figured out these technicalities

  9. Haha.. So true and Ruchi I am still learning.. But I know the only thing matters while writing the title of the post is “keyword “

  10. These quick bytes you are sharing are very much fun. Very creative e of you to come up with interesting conversations everyday.

  11. Ha ha so true, keywords are so important for us bloggers. who does not want to get high rank? loving the series dear. waiting to see this in e book form.

  12. Haha….another bombshell on those who are ignorant of the blogging thing;)

  13. I am really bad at this… need to find a tutorial on searching for apt keywords and then altering my posts accordingly

  14. Having found appropriate keywords is the key to the happiness of bloggers. isn’t it?

  15. I am learning and want to learn more about keywords. Blogging is all based on keywords only.

  16. We’re definitely dependent on them more. Completely agree and a lot of time and effort goes into finding the right ones

  17. Exactly our life revolves around keywords any day . loving this series

  18. Very funny…but ofcourse true too. As finding right KW takes ages.

  19. keywords are our main goal. rarther than the home keys hhehe

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