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Media kit, this is what you can call a Bloggers Resume or CV. Yes, now the question is “Why Bloggers need a Resume or CV?”. So, we need as other people apply for new job opportunities we also need to share with brands and PR’s our media kit which includes details of our blog, page views, social media handles, brands worked with, proposals, and other things.

Media Kit
Media Kit Image Coyright” wigglingpen.com

A- About Me
B- Backlinks
C- Community and Collaborations

D- Domain
E- Editorial Calendar
F- First Post

G- Growth
H- Handle
I- Instagrammers

J- Jetpack
K- Keywords
L- Linky Party

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. So true. Also reminds me I need to make a good new one for myself. Keep putting it off.

  2. Clever posts. I like your way of explaining things apt.
    Deepika Sharma

  3. I don’t have a media kit. You should share how to make one Ruchi…it will help technically challenged people like me. Please post one on it 🙂

    1. I will surely Do that!!

  4. I am loving your choice of topics for this series buddy, each one of us can so relate

  5. Aha bang on, media kit and bloggers, that’s like our identity and resume. I had won my first media kit as a blog hop winning prize and then I came to know its importance. A good reminder to update it now.

  6. True that . Owning a blog is like having a business and approaching brands is like promoting the same.

  7. Media kits are like a concise resume. Indeed the best way to present us in professional capacity.

  8. Media kit is something I got to know from Blogchatter’s one of the guest’s Post and I must say it is very impressive.

  9. Another one, so apt!! Loving the daily dose of humor.

  10. Thanks for reminding me, Ruchi. I have to dig deeper to learn more about media kit.

  11. This is a definite must need and something that helps to form a good impressed on you

  12. I agree media kit is our identity and resume. Nice topic

  13. Agree, Media kit makes bloggers complete:)
    Your posts bring smile on my face ?

    1. Yeah it is so important

  14. Thanks for this. I dint knew about this earlier.

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