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We bloggers also have sad and bad days, after all we are human beings. It happens many times post which we feel hit the most leaves sometimes no impression and no comments. It happened with me as a blogger, few of my post still have NO comments and it make us sad.

No Comments
No Comments
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Does this happened with you?

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  1. So true, comments are like lifelines, that fill oxygen to our posts and further motivate us to write more and better. I too have few posts still waiting to get a peek-a-boo moment.

  2. I hav eheard that blog comments are not important and its a waste of time to reply as no one comes back to read it.A blog coach said this.

    1. It is important!! As far I know !!

  3. Absolute horror that is. ? No comments no motivation too. Love your style totally
    Deepika Sharma

  4. Can’t deny that. Comments are a blog’s conversation starters. How else would we know what people think of our work?

  5. Yaa, a blogger lives on the appreciation we get in comments.

  6. No comments definitely makes us feel sad and is quite demotivating.

  7. Yes comments are like reward for us bloggers. getting no comments on any post can make any day a sad day. loving each post with lots of relatable things.

  8. Does it happen to me? Its been happening for 15 years 😀

    Hurts most when its a well researched post that I took a lot of time to make.

  9. Haha..true!! we do draw motivation from these few words that appear in the comment -section of our blog.

  10. Yes, comments are important as they boost our confidence and the visibility of our blog.

  11. True that! Comments are like motivational factor! Good commentbreally makes our day and vice versa!

  12. I’ve been there too. But buckled up and improved strategies

  13. Yes i agree we live on comments and appreciation . It motivates us .

  14. Good comments are strong motivation for bloggers to continue writing. Even many of my posts have zero comments.

  15. hahaha…I always make it a point to do something( comment and or like) when I read someone’s posts, I mean its a great feeling when you receive it so why now spread the love

  16. Very true dear, without comments and likes where we would be tell me!!!

  17. A harsh reality. but this dosent make our content is bad.

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