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Parenting- Eating habits in monsoon

As our monsoon babies are enjoying rains now it’s our turn to be cautious and take care of there eating habits this rainy season. Boiled water :ย Water is very much essential for everyone try to give your little purified water or best boiled water & …

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Moonsoon Baby

Big relief after a hot summer with awesome n cool moonsoon hitting. Everything comes with good & some effects so the rains also bring humid weather, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases and lots more. Don’t worry luckily, with little precautions, you can enjoy along with your …

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Amazing Loom

Finally some sight of relief from hot days and rains finally started … But with rainy days one major problem every mom face is kids complain “I’m getting bore, what to do?” It happened with me also and my daughter either glued to TV or …

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KIDDLE -Online search engine for kids

My daughter came from school and was happy as she was selected to speak a “Thought of a day” she jumped and told me “Mumma I have to speak Thought of a day tomorrow and teacher said you have to be well prepared and if …

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My Winning post forย #AvivaEarlyStarters sharing best moment with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar a big feather on my cap of blogging!! Every thing comes with responsibility and so our parenthood. We decided to be a parent and wished everyday to God that give us a baby …

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“Smile ??? Is a language which even a baby understands” I always says ” Smile it costs nothing but now when I see a smile on my baby’s face …whatever the situation is automatically I get smiling curve on my face…. Whenever we see anyone …

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All Out For Payal

Today I was sitting in my living room and was waiting for my maid to come, but she didn’t turn up. Really angry with her, I got up and completed all work thinking let her come tomorrow I will give her the salary and say …

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Rainbow preschool #SelfieWithDaughter

Every parent need and search for best school for their kids … But school which not only give good value education to kids but also goes hands in hands with parents RAINBOW PRESCHOOL is one such school … I am school family member from last …

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My Daddy Strongest – Parenting

For every child her/his father is BEST, his pride strongest person and above all his idol and anchor of life, after all,ย it’s all about My Daddy strongest but if you see from point of view a father it’s like the best feeling for a father …

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