Top 3 Privileges of Motherhood

Moth­er­hood is not only a term but for me I think it’s a priv­i­lege to relive your new birth in form of moth­er­hood, it’s a rebirth of new life, your child­hood, your new dreams which you start liv­ing along with your child.


When you ask me yo tell my top 3 priv­i­lege of moth­er­hood with­out a sec­ond thought I can tell u there are many but to name 3 top­most, it goes like this:

  1. Blessed :  image Well I have seen some beau­ti­ful, very well finan­cial­ly set­tled ladies hap­py in life but only pain in their life is they are still wait­ing to be a moth­er , they have lot of love to give but still don’t have kids. When I see them & hear their sto­ries of wish­ing kids I feel blessed that God has choosen me as a moth­er of two very beau­ti­ful kids.
  2. Pam­pered : image

Few days back when I was down with fever my kids did cutest thing pam­per­ing me and giv­ing me cute sur­pris­es of bring­ing glass of milk for me with med­i­cine box when their dad went to office. I recov­ered much faster than usu­al with so much care, love & smiles at home.

  1. Reliv­ing Child­hood :image Dai­ly I am reliv­ing my child­hood with them sone­times fly­ing kite out­side , cycling, under d blan­ket game, ludo, dolls tea par­ty and what not. I used to be lit­tle girl again with them & enjoy my life most!!! 

Noth­ing in this world can be com­pared to moth­er­hood, best way to enjoy life is to live with your kids just like a kid.

I’m proud of many things in life but noth­ing beats moth­er­hood 

This post is writ­ten for Blo­gath­on for Mom­my Blog­gers by Bril. 


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